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and is recycled免费人妻无码不卡中文视频
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and is recycled免费人妻无码不卡中文视频

Father Time Adam’s head was about to explode. His temples pounded with a pain he had never experienced. The throbbing seemed to start at the base of his neck and rode completely up the entire backside of his skull. The pain was so intense that he knew at any moment he was become violently ill. This was a double sided blade of pain as the slightest movement increased the pain level to even newer heights. “We have him” a female voice stated flatly. “Excellent” came the reply, another females voice this time. “The charts indicate a complete pick, all appendages are present, no internal damage of substance” again first the female voice intoned. The voices were far away, Adam could tell, but his pain was so great that he couldn’t concentrate on much more than keeping himself completely still with his eyes squeezed tightly shut. “The subject is conscious” said another disembodied female voice from the adjacent room. “Proceed” can the muted reply. The next moment Adam felt a sharp sting to his left arm, and as he recognized the injury as the site of an injection, the powerful drug took effect before he could react to the pain. Blissful silence lofted back over Adam, as the last vestiges of consciousness faded away. When Adam recovered conscious again he did so very slowly. The drugs were slow to retreat. This time he was in somewhat better shape, the pain in his head had receded, and with little else to do he slowly opened his eyes. Total darkness prevailed; no hint of light was present. He slowly became conscious of his surroundings. He realized that he was completely naked. He was reclined on a firm bed or table. The material that comprised the table top was warm, soft, and compliant to his form.The room was a comfortable temperature, with no cross currents of air movement. Then he realized that he was completely immobile. There were no physical restraints nothing touching his body only that his arms and legs refused to respond to the mental commands. He attempted to discover the limits of his paralysis. He could move his eyes, open and close the lids to blink, His breathing was normal although somewhat faster than usual due to the welling panic he was beginning to experience. His hearing was acute, almost heightened as a result of…..what? Where was he? How did he get here? What was that smell he could sense? Alcohol?He tried to move his head and found he could not. He attempted to open his mouth to scream for help, but again he failed. “The subject is conscious” repeated the same female voice he had heard earlier. “Heart rate and breathing are elevated; early signs of stress are evident and rising” “Please proceed” said the stronger female voice. From an unseen corner of the room a door was heard to opened and shut, no light followed the entry. The sound of approaching footsteps came to Adam, and he realized that the room was quite large. The footfalls stopped at the base of his bed.“You are Adam Barrett? Please Confirm.” Adam attempted to reply but could not make a move, in the total darkness he had no way to communicate. He realized the voice had a metallic quality to it, as through it were not real, but synthesized. Was this a robot perhaps or a female who spoke through a voice machine of some sort? “You will blink your eyes once for yes, twice in rapid succession for no” said the voice. Adam Blinked once. “Subject confirms his identity, as Adam Barrett”, the voice said aloud. “May I refer to you as Adam? The voice asked.Again Adam blinked”yes” in reply. It occurred to Adam at that moment that while the room was pitch black, this person/robot could see him, hence the understanding of his replies. Unless he was …completely blind. The panic of that moment again began to well up in his chest, and was met with a touch upon his thigh. The hand was warm soft and the touch reassuring, calming his nerves.“Adam, there is no need to become stressed. You are completely secured, totally undamaged your body is 100% functional. You are located in a completely sterile environment. There are no threats to you here” the female/Robot chided “You have been given a sedative that prohibits your voluntary muscles from movement. The room has been darkened to lessen your stress, and to prevent you from acquiring knowledge of your whereabouts or interactions with humans in this facility. You are disrobed as the result of the trawl, as well as the examination. All the details will be explained please be patient.”“I am Siren; I will attend you while you are here”“Undoubtedly you have many questions, I will provide the knowledge you seek, and explain your situation, why you were selected, and how you transported here.” Siren said“The year is 2738. You have been transported through time via a machine called Mobius built for that specific purpose. The process is referred to as a Trawl; you are the twelfth successful subject to arrive.” All this came as a shock to Adam. When he was last conscious of his surroundings it had been April 23, 2039. That meant that he had moved forward in time almost 700 years if this was true and he was to believe what he was being told. “Adam, if you understand what I have just explained, please reply” Adam linked once, by way of an answer.“ I will explain your presence here; In 2015, the population of the earth reached 13.7 Billion humans. This growth rate was unsustainable, as resources were being strained to meet the needs of the populous. Without public knowledge, all world governments agreed to introduce select chemicals into the food supplies with the goal of curbing reproduction. Their efforts were successful, and over time all males became incapable of producing active reproductive cells. Females were unaffected. In this same time it was also determined that the right to bear offspring should be restricted to those who were genetically perfect. A program of selective breeding was begun, and the test subjects were screened to determine those who were genetically pure. The product of these experiments would not be aware of their unique status, and would be given a special diet which would not affect their ability to reproduce. You Adam are one of these subjects, your biology is unaffected, and your genetics are both complete and pure. You are able to reproduce; we have confirmed this upon examination. A sample of your sperm was attained through a biopsy of your testicle. The sample indicates you are quite fertile and your sperm robust.”At that moment Adam became aware of the sharp pain in his left testicle, a pain he had been blissfully unaware of until that moment.Siren continued “Because of your unique status, detailed records were kept of your location, habits, and all parameters of your life. Through a careful screening of these records, Modius was programmed to select exactly where and when you would be at a specific time. The machine was locked to those coordinates in time/space and you were trawled into your future, which is our present” “You have been given a great responsibility, Adam, in that you will be helping to secure the future of your race, a race that is all but dead, this as a lack of new live births” Once you have completed your tasks, you will be returned to your time. Because of the accuracy of the Modius system, you will have lost only twenty one minutes of your time. That is the smallest window of time lapse possible at this distance.” “Your time here will be considerably longer, but it is not our desire to harm you in any way, we hope you will participate willingly, knowing that you are doing what is best for your species. We have spared no expense to bring you here; we have prepared this facility in all ways to meet the needs of both yourself and the program. Should you be unwilling to participate however, know that we attain that which we seek by whatever means necessary”.“If you understand please reply” Again Adam blinked once still reeling from the influx of information he had received. “Excellent” Siren remarked. “I will now administer a small vial of release agent to allow you some mobility. You will not disembark from the examination station, however you will find your limbs will resume normal movements and control.” With that Adam again felt the sting of another injection this time in his left thigh. Within minutes, a tingling sensation began to radiate out from the center of his body, as though each limb had been asleep. The prickling of the reactivated nerves was unpleasant, although not painful. Slowly he raised his hand up toward his face, and felt his own touch. It was reassuring after the paralysis to restore his confidence and control. Carefully he tried to sit up, respectful of the directive not to leave the table. “Excellent” Siren remarked “Please extend your right hand; I will place a cup of clean water for you to imbibe.” Adam followed the directions and was rewarded with a class of chilled water. The taste was different, almost a hint of metallic salts present. “Water has become a valuable resource, and is recycled, this may account for any difference in taste you may experience” His voice cracking Adam attempted to reply verbally, but his vocal cords were still not responding as he would think they should. “Trawling often affects some areas of speech, the effect is temporary, and there is no need for concern.” “Please drink enough to satisfy your thirst, you may try to communicate verbally, but do not become alarmed if you are unsuccessful immediately. This is quite common, and will reverse in a short time.” After a few minutes Adam again attempted to talk and while his voice was hoarse, he was able to form the words. “So this is our future? A world of sterile men and fertile women, recycled water and robots to do their bidding?” Adam asked. “We prefer to be called attendants. Robot is an outdated term which refers to a much simpler and less able creation from your time. Attendants are companions to man, not his servants. We work in harmony, interdependent and mutually benefitted from the arrangements. “What do you look like?” Adam asked“We can be configured in various fashions to please our benefactors. I am configured as a biped female of your species; in appearance I would be judged as a person in their 25 year of life.”“So you are here to attend me?” Adam asked quietly.“I am tasked with collecting your seed and attending to your needs for the duration of your stay.” Siren said“Collecting my seed?, Wait a minute I’m not going to get jerked off my a machine!” Adam said, louder than he intended.“Adam please attempt to understand, I am purpose built for the task of extracting your seed. I am completely compatible with your sex organ, designed to meet your every need, and pleasure. I assure you that it will not be an unpleasant experience.” Siren said“However, you will comply with my requests, in one fashion or another, the choice is yours.” Adam responded by leaping off the table and attempting to move in the direction of the door based on the sound that had been made when Siren entered, the whole time yelling “No, I am not fucking a robot!!” He managed to make it almost 4 feet before he was struck in the back by a single barb and dropped to the floor in agony, as a very high voltage at a high frequency coursed through his body, similar to a modern day taser.Writhing in pain, Adam sensed that Siren was standing by his side. He continued to feel the voltage and the pain was more intense by the second he was unable to move, or free the barb from his shoulder.Siren looked down on him. “Adam I was very specific when I directed you not to leave the examination table. Now you must bear the punishment for not following the directives. At that moment the voltage increased to a point that caused Adam to lose consciousness.He awoke twenty minutes later, again flat on the exam table and again immobilized.“Adam that was a foolish display led by an emotional response gleamed from your understanding of what I am. I have attempted to share with you the wonderful responsibility you have to help your species, yet you refuse this honor. I explained earlier that I am tasked with collecting your seed. I had hopes that you would be a willing and co operative subject, but no matter, I shall perform my function in any event.” “I have reviewed many of the files associated with sexual congress between humans in your time, and have assimilated the range of positions found pleasurable, and most efficient to accomplish the task to which I am assigned. The human male is a simple creature, who sexual urges are derived from chiefly visual stimuli, and a deep seated biological need to procreate. Perhaps I should further explain the events of the last 700 years to you, and from that you will better understand your role and the importance of my task. Your co-operation will not be required for me to do what I must, but it will be much better for you. I’ll offer you this second chance after I have explained our history.” You already know that the human population was deemed out of control, and that the planets resources were poised to fail should the rate of population continue to escalate. You know that men were essentially rendered sterile by the introduction of the chemicals into the food systems. Experimentation was conducted to reverse the effects of the chemicals, but the damage was beyond repair.There were however members in positions in government who took steps to avoid these chemicals throughout their lives, and they were left fertile. When the results of the chemicals became apparent in the general populous, revealed in the lower birth rate, a mild panic ensued. At this point males, who were unaffected, became wealthy selling their seed to the highest bidders. This created several problems. The genetics were un-pure, the offspring were often defective, and disproportionally female. What few males were born each carried defective genes. Families that could afford to purchase seed, and successfully create a pregnancy were restricted to only one child. This was untenable as the less wealthy deemed reproduction as a right, not a privilege of wealth and revolted. Many died in the ensuing battle, including many of the fertile males. They were summarily executed by the poor,97se狠狠狠狠狼鲁亚洲综合色 to level the field as it were. There were still some avenues for creating pregnancy. The few males that were left were held in high security facilities, like this one, and they were harvested of their seed. The seed was purified, and made available on a lottery system, this to keep the masses in check of another revolt. Unfortunately the vast majority of the full term births became females, and the few males births suffered defective at the genetic level, entire generations of children were destroyed. These would have been a burden upon the entire system, which was already overpopulated by females, and no one had a use for genetically damaged males. Family threes were pruned, and whole lines of family names ended for lack of an heir. Sperm banks, and there were very few, offered in vitro fertilization, until their stocks ran out or were destroyed, again by the women who felt they had been denied their rights of reproduction.”These were the darkest of times. Hope was needed to quell the riots which had by then become common place. There were several different avenues to explore. 76% of all women at this point had become involved female-female relationships, what you would call lesbians. They lived loved and died with only female companionship. . It was during this time that we came to exist. The attendants were manufactured to be companions to man, or more specifically woman. Our initial function was to serve the sexual needs of women by providing a ready available substitute for the unavailable male. Many women rejected us, and we were referred to as “replicants”. We were deemed unacceptable as there was no emotional connection, something that the female demanded.We still had scientists with ideas on how the civilization could be saved, and project Mobius was created. With careful study we were soon able to trawl virile men from the recesses of time itself. The first several attempts ended horribly with death, under great pain and agony. Even these failures rendered some usable seed, extracted post mortem.” Which brings us back to here and now. You are genetically pure, and virile to a new height on the Regents scale used to measure such things. We have ready willing, and anxious females lined up to accept your seed. These females have been screened and only the most pure, genetic examples are allowed to participate. We have even created another lottery to allow several the honor of drawing your seed for themselves, in the old fashion way. They will have sexual congress with you. This will not be possible should you continue to refuse the honor we bestow upon you.”Should you continue to resist I will then revert to the task of seed collection, and I will attain every mature cell you are capable of producing. I will introduce chemicals into your body that will speed the creation of your seed. I will move to milk you at regular intervals and I will drain your testicles and prostate gland completely, each and every time and I will be unrelenting. It will be quite unpleasant, actually bordering on painful. I assure you this is not the route we wish to pursue, that decision is yours. Co-operate and enjoy the experience of saving mankind, or resist and be subject to the collection processes anyway, decide.” Adam had listened intently to the entire conversation, and now had a much firmer grasp on this the future of mankind, or more correctly womankind. He believed that Siren would fulfill her/its requirements and take that which he would not freely offer. The threat of having his body reduced to a sperm lactation device, managed and harvested by a machine was not something he wished to explore. Finally he resigned himself to do what was required, until he had met his required goals, and then they would send him back to his own time. Adam blinked once and held the blink for an exaggerated time to signify an answer. “Excellent Adam, it was our hope that you would reconsider your options, and make a wise choice.” “Lets us begin” Siren said quietly.While Adam still could not move he was able to feel everything that was happening to him, in-fact the sensations were heightened by his restrictions. He hears a small buzz and felt Siren mount the table, from the way the table reacted to her weight he deduced that she must weigh more than he did. He felt her hand move along the inside of his thighs running from the inside of his right knee all the way up to his scrotum. The sensation was not unpleasant. When Sirens hands found his sack she carefully lifted each testicle as through measuring and cataloging details. Her hand then moved his legs apart, leaving his manhood completely exposed and vulnerable. Siren began with slow light touches each calculated to raise his level of excitement; she carefully avoided his penis, for now. “The side of the biopsy is swollen and may require medical attention” Siren said aloud. From a hidden speaker in the black ceiling the reply came back quickly “Focus on the damaged area and ascertain the extent of the damage, will the injury prevent a quality collection?” The voice asked without emotion “I believe it would be best if we allowed the subject some time for recovery rather than add stress onto the damage gland” Siren said. “Apply a salve to prevent infection, and then sedate the subject to promote healing. Signa, are the results of the biopsy available? What is the ratio of xx to xy?” “This subject has an 83% chance of male offspring, the strongest ratio of the subjects tested” was the reply.“Siren, please obtain a full sample load.” The voice instructed.”What about the possible damage to the injury site or to the gland if we place him under duress?” Siren asked. “Obtain the sample, and let’s test the full quality of the stock before we invest any further time in the subject. I must have something tangible to take to council.” “Understood, and I will comply” Siren said. Adam felt Sirens fingers delicately begin to manipulate his balls, rolling them slowly in short round motions, pulling them upward toward his shaft, and constantly rubbing them to achieve a level of excitement. Despite his efforts, Adam soon began to respond involuntarily. With each heartbeat his erection began to swell, stiffening and becoming more engorged. Siren noted the change, and began to move her hand from the base of his balls to the base of his erect shaft. Her hands were warm and the covering was smooth to the touch. Her touch was masterful and she seemed to sense and anticipate his needs. Then slowly Adam felt his cock enter into a place of warmth and wetness. He could feel the sensation of hair as it fell upon his legs and lower stomach, and the sensation of being sucked. Siren moved with a slow rhythmic pace, sliding completely up and down the length of the swollen shaft. Adam could feel her using her tongue to further excite him.As the Oral sex was continued her hands again began to massage his balls, moving them around and stretching the skin of his scrotum. One finger of her hand began to circle his anus. He knew that he would not be able to withhold his load if this continued for any period of time. Her lips were so moist, leaving the perfect amount of saliva on his rigid shaft, her tongue finding the trigger points that took him to new heights.In the control room the small assembled staff watched with complete fascination. The views provided by infrared cameras complete with lighting on all aspects of Adam and Siren as she interfaced with him to achieve her goal. The throat cam showed Adams phallus moving up and down in a slow steady movement. Sirens eyes/cameras tracked the movements of Adams chest noting the change in his breathing pattern. The table monitored his blood pressure, and other physiological changes. Sirens chest cam showed the image of both her lower jaw as well as the movement of his balls as they were moved in a smooth circle. At the console the older woman, a human touched a blue control lever and silently, Siren allowed the shaft to pull completely free of her mouth, where it stood erect straining, yearning for more. Siren allowed the testicles to drop neatly in place and supporting his rigid cock with one hand, forced his cock to stand at rigid attention. Meanwhile in her mouth, a small collection cup moved into position, complete with a small suction apparatus. Sirens free hand then was used to smartly slap the sides of Adams cock left to right, right to left. The blows were sharp meant to cause some pain, and heighten the sensitivity of his cock, for the delivery of his seed. Adam was awash in a slew of different emotions. His body yearned to release the pressure of his full load, a load that was building pressure to new levels for him. He could smell something, initially he could not identify the scent, but slowly his mind focused and with crystal clarity, he realized it was the smell of a woman’s aroused sex. The scent was somehow being introduced into his nasal cavity, and the olfactory nerve endings had sent the message, conjuring the image of a vagina, engorged and wet, ready to be taken. Then he realized that his cock was now free of Sirens lips, and that it was being held vertical supported by her hand. The room was completely quiet save for the sound of his rapid breathing. Then even before the sound reached his ears Adam felt the smack of the flattened hand upon his member. The sensation was torture and immense pleasure all wrapped into one sensation. Smack, smack and then three more times she charged his tender cock, now completely red in both agony and desire.At that moment, Siren lowered her head and again reacquired his cock the wet warmth was the last straw, and Adam, now powerless to resist to his desire. As soon as his cock was fully enclosed within her mouth Siren again reached and began to tug at the balls for the final release. Had Adam been able to he would have arched his back and drove his cock as far forward as possible seating it fully down the throat of the replicants, but in his present state he was unable to do more than moan loudly as the first ropey string of cum shot forth, followed almost immediately by shots two thru six, each was slightly lesser in volume and force, but they were each total and completely draining his system. Adam had never felt such a rush of release, his entire being reacted to the very core his entire system pushed out every drop he had and continued as the rolling pleasure sensations lessened. Within the mouth the entire collection of Adams ejaculation was collected, not one precious drop was wasted or neglected. The fluid was collected and sealed in a insulated heated container, made of double layers of formed glass. The sample was immediately labeled as to the subject, time, date, weight, viscosity, and volume. The completed vial was then whisked to the control room even before Adams cock was released from Sirens mouth. “There, that was not as bad as you anticipated was it? Siren asked. Adam was unable to answer as his mind fought to comprehend what he had just experienced. My God! That was amazing Adam thought. In all his years he had never felt anything like that before. It was totally amazing. Now in the after glow of the moment Adam felt very tired, and from the back of his mind sleep pulled away his consciousness, as he drifted off. He barely heard the words from Siren, and did not notice the introduction of the sleep agents that were administered through the air he breathed. To him it was a wonderful feeling, followed by a beautiful sleep.