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Robin announced免费人妻无码不卡中文视频
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Robin announced免费人妻无码不卡中文视频

This is the sequel to “My wife's job”. Please read that one first.Robin was watching with me as my wife, Cindy, was fucked by her boss, Richard. After we saw that they were both cumming, Robin announced, “Well, Cindy, you don't need to worry about Ron being jealous. He just pumped a second load into my cunt when he saw that Richard was filling your cunt with his cum.”“Ron, Cindy,” Richard said, “I think it would be great if you two would spend the rest of the weekend with Robin and me, exploring the exciting sex that we can share. Will you do it?”I looked at Cindy nervously. When I saw the smile on her face my own smile spread across my face. She gave a little nod of her head, which was all the confirmation that I needed.“That's a wonderful suggestion, Richard. I'm pretty sure that Cindy thinks so too. Right, Cindy?”“Oh! Yes! I'm so glad, Ron, that you have come around to thinking about sex as sport. You looked so upset when I told you that I had been fucking Richard and Robin.”“Great!”, Richard continued, “We need to move this party to my place. How did you two get here? Can we all just sail the yacht back to my place?”“We drove here. I don't like the idea of leaving our car parked near the beach all week-end.”“OK. Why don't I sail home with Cindy, while you drive there with Robin. We'll meet up there as soon as possible. Robin will show you the way and open my garage for you to park inside.”“OK. Let's go.”Robin and I put on our few clothes, then Richard rowed us ashore in his tiny dingy. He then started back to his yacht while we headed up the hill behind the beach to my car.In the car Robin was enthusiastic. “Ron. I'm so glad that you and Cindy are going to spend time with us. I think that you are really going to enjoy yourself, and, if you do, then we all will.”“I'm really looking forward to it. I was really shocked when Cindy told me about fucking Richard...”“...and me,”, Robin interrupted.“Oh! Yes! And you. What's that about?”“Do you know what a 69 is?”“No. What's that?”Two people, men and or women, perform oral sex on each other, often one on top of the other. Each person has his or her head in the other's crotch. Richard loves watching Cindy and me making each other cum in a 69. I think that you'll enjoy watching us too. I believe all men like watching that sort of action.”“Wow! Cindy has encouraged me to do things with her that she must have learnt from you two, but she has not had me do that with her yet.”“But you do eat her out and you do cum in her mouth?”“Yes. Sure. And we both enjoy all of it.”“Well there are things that three or four people can do together that are pretty exciting. I'm confident that you are going to enjoy this week-end.”“What sort of things?”“Well watching Cindy and me for one. For now I'm just going to let you guess the rest. Let your imagination run wild.”Robin led me into Richard's house and we found that Cindy and Richard were already there. They were sitting, naked, on the deck overlooking the harbour drinking beers. As soon as she saw us Cindy ran to me, wrapped her arms around me and asked, “Are you all right, Ron?”“Yes, Cindy, I'm fine. Why do you ask?”“I guess that I'm feeling guilty about not telling you about my job until now. And I was worried about the way that you found out. It must have been a shock.”“Listen, Cindy, my fucking Robin in front of you, and with your encouragement was exciting, but watching you and Richard fuck was way over the top. From what Robin has been telling me in the car, I can look forward to more exciting sex this weekend.“I know that my parents would not approve, but I'm not about to ask for their approval. I am looking forward to the rest of this weekend. Since it's your job that made this possible, I forgive you for not telling me sooner. I realise how difficult that would be for you”“Oh! Thank god.”She kissed me, then pulled my shorts off so that I was naked again. I looked around and saw that Robin was naked also and enjoying a cold beer. Then Richard thrust a beer into my hand, Cindy released me from her arms and I was able to drink a little of my beer.“So Richard, you promised you would explain something that Robin said about Cindy with clients. What's that about?”“Oh! Dear!”I saw that Cindy looked worried. I pulled her naked body against mine in a tight hug.“Cindy. I love you very much and I feel certain that you love me too. As long as those two things are true, nothing else matters. It does not matter who else you fuck as long as you come home to me and continue to love me.”Cindy held me tight against herself. Between sobs, she said, “Thank you, Ron.”“I'm glad that you told Cindy that, Ron.”, Richard started, ”It means that you are ready to hear the full story.“Robin and I built our firm up from scratch. When we were negotiating with our first customer he told us, 'Your product looks good. I'll sign your contract provided that I get to fuck Robin from time to time.' He says now that it was meant as a joke, but we took him at his word.“Robin fucked him there and then in the office, in front of me. It turned out to be the best thing we did, because he told his mates and they told their mates and soon men were queueing up to sign contracts with us and fuck Robin. She was so busy fucking that she could not put enough time into running the business.“When we employed Cindy we did not tell her the real reason that we wanted her to work for us. Through our training sessions we worked on her. First we had to convince her that casual sex with other men or women was OK.“Like you this morning she accepted our arguments and started having sex with both of us. Then we needed to encourage her to be more adventurous. She quickly learnt to be comfortable naked in the presence of strangers – that was easy, we convinced her that she has a beautiful body. She was easy to convince to give and receive oral sex. She tells us that you and she frequently enjoy oral sex now.“Until last Wednesday night she would not allow me to fuck her in her arsehole. I'm guessing that she has not done that with you yet. Am I right?”Cindy and I were still standing together with our bodies pressed together and our arms around each other in a continuing expression of our love for each other.“No. She has not.”“Anyway, starting last Monday, Cindy has taken over from Robin providing sexual favours for our many clients. She was very upset, however, because she still had not found a way to tell you what her job had become.”“I was terrified that I might lose you, Ron, if I told you what I was doing.”“Robin and I realised that Cindy would probably leave us rather than continue going behind your back, even though she really enjoys her new role. We decided to try to find a way to explain it all to you in a way that you could accept.“That's why we were waiting for you this morning on the beach. That's why we took you out to my yacht. This whole weekend was part of our plan, although you are taking this so well that the rest of the weekend looks to be just about having fun and getting to know each other.“I see that you are still holding Cindy tightly against yourself. I hope that that is a sign that you are comfortable with all that you have learnt today. Do you have any questions or comments?”“I'll probably have a few questions when I've had a chance to mull it over. For now I have a request.”“Oh! What's that?”“In the car, Robin told me how much you like to watch her and Cindy eat each other in a 69. I'd like to watch that, please.”Immediately Cindy gave me a kiss then moved away from me over to Robin. They walked together, with their arms around each other, to a mattress lying on the deck. Cindy lay on her back and Robin lay on top of her so that they could each reach the other's cunt with their tongues and lips. I watched fascinated as it became obvious that Robin was enjoying a massive orgasm.“Well, Ron. Isn't that the most erotic thing you've ever seen?”Robin continued to work on Cindy's pussy. Suddenly she was cumming wildly.“Oh! God! I want to fuck them both.”“And you will, Ron, before this week-end is over, more than once.”After a while where they just lay together on the mattress, Cindy came to me, pushed me onto a chair and sat on my lap.“Oh! Ron! I'm so glad that we are sharing this.”“Believe me,97se狠狠狠狠狼鲁亚洲综合色 Cindy, so am I. If every thing goes as I expect this will be the most exciting weekend of my life.”She kissed me and clung to me. Robin got up.“I'll organise some lunch. Richard, will you organise some wine please?”Robin and Richard disappeared inside the house.“So, Cindy, what's this about Richard fucking your arse?”“Well, Robin has been telling me about how wonderful a DP feels...”“A DP?”“A Double Penetration. One man fucks your cunt, while another man is fucking your arse. Robin says that it feels incredible. They were hoping that you and Richard would DP us both this weekend, assuming that you were not freaked out by all the sex that I was getting. Obviously I had to be able to take it in the arse.”“How come you did not invite me to fuck your arse after Wednesday?”“I've always thought of it as dirty. I was afraid that you would too, and that would sabotage this weekend. Do you think that it is dirty?”“What's dirty?”, Robin had just arrived back with a large plater of finger food.“Cindy used to think that anal sex was dirty, but she tried it with Richard because she wants to experience a DP.”, I replied.“I think,”, Robin said, “that anal sex is great, but a DP is out of this world.”Richard arrived back with a bottle of wine and glasses. He poured wine for everyone, sat at the table and reached for some of the finger food.“Let's eat something first, then Cindy and Ron can experience their first DP. OK?”After a pleasant meal, washed down with an excellent wine, Robin went away to get some lube. While she was away Richard lay on his back on the mattress and Cindy kneeled between his legs and took his cock into her mouth and started working on it. As soon as she was satisfied with how stiff it was she climbed on top of him and speared herself on his lance.Robin came back with the lube and spread a generous dollop on my cock, which was already rigid as I anticipated entering my wife's arse for the first time ever. Robin put another big dollop on her fingers which she then pushed into Cindy's arsehole, working it in and stretching her hole a bit.Cindy held still on top of Richard as I approached and pressed my cock into her bum.“Go slowly,” Robin advised, “push forward a quarter of an inch at a time and wait for her to relax, each time.”“Oh! I feel so full. It's like nothing that I have ever done before.”“I can feel Ron's cock sliding over mine. Keep going Ron.”Eventually I was fully into Cindy, and judging by the sounds that she was making, she was enjoying the sensations. I started to pull back slowly and Richard started to hump up into Cindy by lifting his hips off the mattress. He could only move in and out by an inch or so, but Cindy indicated by her moans her increased appreciation.By now I was starting to speed up as I drove in and out of Cindy's arse. Suddenly my balls pulled up under my body, I pushed as far as I could into Cindy and held myself there as my cum pumped into her bowel. As I finished, I felt Richard's cock pulsing as he too filled my wife with cum.“Ooooooh!”, Cindy screamed as she collapsed on top of Richard, then I collapsed on top of her.Eventually I rolled off Richard and Cindy onto the mattress beside them, Cindy rolled to the other side of Richard and we all just lay there enjoying the post-coital euphoria.“Well, Cindy,”, Robin wanted to know, “was it as good as I said it was?”“Oh! Yes! Thank you Robin and Richard for introducing me to such extreme pleasure.”“And you, Ron, did you enjoy it too?”“Yes, Robin, it's the wildest thing that I've ever done. I can't wait to do it to you next.”That's the sort of thing that I like to hear. I'll give you two men a little while to recover, however.”Robin went into the house and came back with a round of beers. We all sat on the mattress and chatted as we drank.“You know Ron,”, Robin began, “now that you know about Cindy's job, you should visit her and Richard and me sometimes. Can you get time off work to drop in around midday and we'll all go to lunch some day this week?”“Yes, I think that I'd like to see Cindy in her work environment.”“And can you get the time off?”“Yes. That part's easy. I'm a bit nervous about how I'll react when I see Cindy in her work place.”“We'll all be there to make you feel welcome. Wont we, Richard, Cindy?”I smiled as I wondered how they would make me feel welcome, but did not ask the question.“Another thing, Ron,”, Richard said, “I wonder if you could help us out with our Wednesday night training sessions. Would that interest you?”“Does Cindy really need any more training?”“No. Cindy does not need more training, but the job is getting too big for just one woman. We've got a couple of beautiful, young women that we would like to train. We were going to ask Cindy to help us with them and it would make a lot of sense if you helped us too. We'd either pay you for your time or increase Cindy's pay to compensate you.”“Another reason,”, Robin added, “for training more women is that Cindy will have to stop work when she wants to get pregnant, so that you'll know that you're the father, and again later when she takes maternity leave.”“Goodness. That could be pretty exciting, especially towards the end of their training, when they're practising fucking and sucking.”“Actually Robin and I found the whole training process, with Cindy, very exciting, not just the final stages but even the early stages when we were just talking about things and seeing her attitudes change gradually. The wonderful thing was to see that Cindy enjoyed her training and always went home to you, happy.”"Yes, I did.", Cindy said.Please vote and comment.Please watch for the sequel “My wife's job 3”


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