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then rested免费看少妇作爱视频
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then rested免费看少妇作爱视频

Allison woke up sore, very sore. In her late teens she had done a series of 5k races with a group of her friends; training for the 5ks came to mind this morning. Although running had never made the surface of her butt cheeks ache the way they were today.This time, Allison had awoken before Lacey who was laying behind her, still holding her. The stuffed shark was still in Allison’s grip, the fluffy blankets and pillows offering extra comfort to an otherwise awkward awakening.Lacey woke up as Allison began to move “Hey there, sleepy head” Lacey moaned as she sat up.Part of Allison wanted to grab her clothes, which were again neatly folded this time sitting on the chair; and run. The other part was enamored.Lacey, now sitting up, put an arm behind Allison, an offer for Allison to rest her head on the older woman should she choose to. Allison accepted and rested her head on Lacey’s left breast, her hand upon Lacey’s torso.Lacey asked how Allison was feeling. “Confused” would not have covered it, but that, along with “worn out” were the words she chose.Lacey began playing with Allison’s hair, “That is absolutely understandable.” She confirmed.“Scarlette?” Allison asked, utilizing her now trademark one-word method of talking.“Scarlette is one of our slaves, she lives here and she is submissive to both myself and Steele.” Lacey explained. “One of? -Slave?” Allison jolted up a bit but then returned to resting on Lacey when Lacey gave her a look indicating that she would explain further.“’Slave’ doesn’t mean what it might sound like. It’s actually a term of respect within our community, or at least our circle of it – not a word that is used lightly. Scarlette has been with us for years and she has demonstrated loyalty and commitment, not just to us, but also to herself.” Lacey decided she wanted to get out of bed and asked Allison if she was busy today. Allison had to work that night, but she was free for a while.“Why don’t we go out to the pool and talk there?” Lacey offered.Lacey brought Allison an extra swimsuit she had, and the two made their way out to the back yard. The pool was amazing, a hot tub sat higher than the pool itself creating a waterfall over stonework as the water circulated through the system. A patio with a built-in grill fixture and canopy, a glass table with cushioned metal chairs beneath it. A line of adjustable poolside chairs near the shallow end of the pool, Scarlette sunbathing in one, wearing a revealing two-piece with a coverup wrapped around her lower half.“Would you mind making us a pitcher of margaritas?” Lacey asked Scarlette. Allison noticed that the tone was completely different than last night, Lacey was treating Scarlette like a person, not a thing. That didn’t seem to waver Scarlette’s response.“Yes Mistress” she acknowledged.Allison expected that Scarlette would have to walk inside to make the drinks, but the island with the grill had a refreshment bar which Scarlette went to and began producing the beverages.It was a warm day, not too hot, but the Lacey and Allison sat in the shade provided by the canopy.“So, as I was saying” Lacey continued as though the two were still lying in bed. “Scarlette has been with us for quite some time, she is our trusted friend; more like a girlfriend. We respect her, we love her, she lives with us, she tends to us, and we all take care of each other.”“Take care of…” Allison said, trying to get to the point of her question.“If one of us is sick, the other two are there. If one of us is sad, the other two are there. And yes, we are intimate with each other.”“Yes, we are! Mistress” Scarlette chimed in bringing the two ladies a pitcher and two salt rimmed glasses on a tray.“She thinks you are cute by the way” Lacey told Allison while pouring the drinks as Scarlette was walking away.Scarlette, who’s hips were swaying from side to side on their way back to her chair, turned her head, lowered her sunglasses, and winked at Allison, clearly hearing Lacey. Then she made her way to the chair and laid back down out of earshot of Allison’s and Lacey’s conversation.Allison blushed, she was embarrassed and surprised. This woman, easily one of the most beautiful women she had ever seen, thought she was cute. Lacey began speaking again “Our relationship, although it is based on power exchange, is not based on being unkind. Scarlette has a desire to be told what to do, it helps her free her mind.” This concept was clearly lost on Allison who looked as confused as ever.“Imagine a tough decision that you have to make” Lacey said, “wouldn’t it be much easier for you if someone else was responsible for making that decision?” Allison nodded her head.“Now imagine a million little decisions, wouldn’t the same be true? Clearly not everyone feels this way, but that is the best way I can relate the concept.” “Now imagine the best orgasm you have ever had.” This was not a hard task for Allison, she had just had them the night before.“Imagine that the person responsible for your orgasm is also the person responsible for your decisions. Extending the intimacy, beyond just a moment; making it a larger part of your life.” Lacey took a drink of her Margarita while Allison processed the information.Allison began thinking of Lacey ordering her around the night before, it had turned her on more than she expected and frankly, so did thinking about it.“This would not happen ‘overnight’, so much trust would need to be built. The submissive must trust the Dom; that their best interests are in mind and trump the Dom’s own desires. The Dom must trust that the submissive will obey, especially protocols. For instance, when Scarlette calls me ‘Mistress’, even when we aren’t engaged in formal play, she is observing the protocols that we have established and she is demonstrating that I can rely on her obedience.”Allison had never heard of anything like this; a thong and a vibrator were ‘kinky’ in her opinion a few weeks ago; these people lived their lives around it. She couldn’t help imagining what would be in store next, she was excited and terrified at the thought.“In my opinion” Lacey elaborated “communication and trust are the most important aspects of our relationship. For instance, I told you to say the word ‘Red’ if things became too intense: that’s called a ‘safe word’. ‘Red’ means ‘stop now’. You can imagine a situation in which you as the Sub might want to say ‘stop’ but what you really mean is ‘keep going’.” Lacey smiled and Allison smiled back acknowledging an understanding of the desire.“I need to know that I can trust you to use that word if I push beyond your limits; conversely, you need to know that I will honor the word and actually stop. Does this all make sense?”Allison’s mind was being blown with every word that escaped Lacey’s mouth. “It does.” She acknowledged. She could not believe that for everything that was going on, how responsible Lacey was being about it.“Safety is of course the priority with anything we do. The three pillars of ‘BDSM’, a term that really encompasses many separate fetishes and kinks, are ‘safe, sane, and consensual’. This is highly different than what some people seem to believe it to be.”Lacey held Allison’s hand, indicating that whatever she was about to say was very important.“Allison, if you decide, for whatever reason, that you do not want to go down this path with us – I only ask that if you do decide to explore BDSM further, that you find a responsible partner to do it with. Build trust. Make certain that you feel safe with this person. And do not hesitate to cut them out of your life if they do not respect the boundaries that you establish.”Allison felt empowered by these words, but she could not see exploring these things with anyone else. Where would she even find someone like Lacey, or people like this couple and their friend/girlfriend ‘slave’. Lacey and Scarlette made Allison feel pretty, for the most part, and accepted. Even Steele had been polite to her which is more than she could say about most people let alone men specifically.“I need to identify your boundaries, your likes and dislikes, what turns you on and off, etc. Some of this will be ‘trial by fire’: I do something, it’s too much, you use your safe word and we identify the issue. Some of it will be me asking you specific questions. If I ask you a question, I need you to answer honestly and completely so that I can be the best dominant possible for you. Do you understand?”“I do.” Allison said.“I will push you; this includes that I will make you do things that you might be hesitant to do and make you feel ways that you might not expect to feel. Do you accept that?”Allison thought of last night when her skirt was pulled up and her ass was exposed; she certainly did not expect to feel so embarrassed when she was invited over. Then she remembered having her clit played with and how amazing it felt, possibly even compounded because of the embarrassment itself.“I do.” Allison responded.“When I tell you to do something, regardless of my tone or the way I address you, I expect that you will do it. For now, I will guide you with regard to how to address me, but you will always be polite and respectful. You will treat Scarlette like an extension of me, and you will treat us both as an extension of Steele. Is that understood?”Allison couldn’t help but think that if she didn’t want to cross Lacey, she REALLY didn’t want to cross Steele. “I understand.” She replied.“If I tell you to do something, and you do it, that will strengthen our bond and you will be rewarded for your loyalty. If I tell you to do something and you don’t do it, you will be punished – I will try my best to ensure that such punishment is justified. If you refuse punishment, your actions then weaken our bond and it will break.”Lacey: “You are a free person and you may leave any time you wish for any reason you wish; and so can we.”“If you do not understand, you will ask for clarification.” “If you cannot accept, then please gather your belongings and I will wish you well.” “If you understand and accept everything I have just said, you will explain to me why you blew up about the makeover.” “If you need time to think, you will tell me and I will walk you out with an open invitation to return.”Allison turned red. She really did not want to talk about how she was so self-conscious that she thought Lacey was judging her based on her looks; even though she couldn’t help still feeling like that was the case. She also did recognize what Lacey was saying and respected and appreciated everything that Lacey had done and was doing. More than anything she did not want to lose these people from her life, even Steele whom she had not interacted with hardly at all but was clearly an integral part of Lacey and Scarlette’s lives.She chose to take some time and Lacey didn’t seem upset at all by that. Lacey told Allison to reach out when she was ready.-------Disciplined, well disciplined. Allison had tried for three weeks to think of the word that she felt described Lacey, Scarlette, and Steele. Lacey’s offer had not escaped her mind, the more she thought about it, the more she felt that it was more of a commitment than it seemed. That they would ask more of her than she could possibly be capable of. Ironically, she knew more than ever the feeling of wanting to not be responsible for making a decision.The more she thought about it, the more she hesitated. The more she hesitated, the more she felt like it had been too long and they might not even agree to let her come over, which made her think of the things she had enjoyed in her brief time with them. It was a vicious cycle.“It ends today” she told herself and mustered the courage to reach out to Lacey again. She grabbed her phone to send Lacey a message. ‘What do I say?’Again, she settled on “Hey”. ‘Weak sauce’, she thought to herself.About half an hour later her phone buzzed, “What’s up?” the message read.“I think I am ready to take you up on your offer.” [Allison]“Prove it.” [Lacey]“How?” [Allison] thinking to herself, ‘I need to pack a bag and meet them at the mall again.’“Send me a picture of your underwear” [Lacey]“What?” [Allison]“The underwear you are wearing right now, take off your pants or lift up your skirt and take a picture of your underwear.” [Lacey]This was awkward for Allison, but she knew that she wanted to see Lacey again. She pulled her pants down and took multiple pictures trying to find one that didn’t look horrible. Finally, she found one she was satisfied with and sent it.“Now ruin them. I want you to finger yourself, or use a toy, whatever you need to do. Orgasm in the underwear and send pictures once they are wet. Two pictures, one with them on, and one of the inside. Show me your cum.” [Lacey]Allison was exhilarated and embarrassed for what had to be the hundredth time. Lacey wasn’t asking, this was an order. It took a while for Allison to finally decide that she was going to do this. Surprisingly, she enjoyed playing with herself more than usual.She knew that she didn’t need to do it, she wanted to, because she wanted to see Lacey. But at the same time, she was also able to tell herself “You have to do it; you don’t have a choice.”That little whisper in her mind, a whisper she might have hated before meeting Lacey, increased her pleasure in ways she couldn’t explain. All of a sudden in her mind: she was up against the wall again, or bent over the wedge. She was Lacey’s bitch and she was doing what Lacey told her to do. “Yes Mistress” she whispered to herself as she embraced the recognition that she liked being told what to do. Suddenly she ached for a spank or a slap, “please Mistress, I need it” her body thrashed as she turned over and began humping into the bed trying to get her fingers as deep as possible. Unable to satisfy herself, she used her vibrator flexing her calves and her thighs as she finally came ensuring that plenty of her juices soaked into the underwear “I’m sooooooorrrryyyyyyy MMMMIIIIISsstress”. “Good bitch” she heard Lacey whisper in her ear reinforcing that she had done well. Proudly, she took the photos and sent them with the message “please Mistress, take me back.” She was beginning to understand the appeal.“Are you free tonight?” [Lacey]“I am” [Allison]“Come over, let me know when you are on the way. Clean yourself up, smooth, makeup, hair. Pack a bag for the night. Bitch. [Lacey]“Yes Mistress” [Allison]Allison raced to get herself ready and over to the house. Upon arriving she was greeted by Scarlette at the door who said “I was hoping we would see you again.”“It’s nice to see you too.” Allison replied.This time Scarlette had been ordered to assist Allison with getting ready which included providing her with her own set of lingerie. Scarlette helped Allison get ready in the pink and purple room and then escorted her to the living room.“Up against the wall, inspection.” Scarlette instructed. Allison complied and Scarlette adjusted her slightly, then left.Scarlette returned and assumed the inspection position next to Allison, the two women stood against the wall, asses out, in skirts and lingerie, waiting to be felt up.------Steele and Lacey showed up a few minutes after Scarlette. Allison couldn’t see exactly what was going on at first but she heard a *smack*. Steele had spanked Scarlette hard, “good girl” she heard Steele say.“Thank you, sir.” Scarlette responded.“Come here bitch” Steele ordered, grabbing Scarlette by her platinum blonde hair and practically dragging her to the couch. “Yes sir” she said moaning as she crawled trying to keep up with his hand,chinese乱子伦xxxx国语对白 her bell ringing loudly.When they arrived at the couch Steele sat upright with his legs spread as Scarlette crawled up onto the couch and laid with her head on his thigh, her hand rubbing on his crotch. His left hand was pulling her hair across his body so that she couldn’t move, his right hand lifting Scarlette’s skirt before grasping her now exposed ass. Steele and Scarlette both now ready to watch ‘the show’ that was Allison being inspected.Allison gulped, had she made the right decision?“So, you came back?” Allison heard Lacey say as her heels became audibly louder.“Yes Mistress.” Allison answered, ready to apologize and beg forgiveness.“What changed?” Lacey asked.Allison had not prepared for this question. She was ready to say “sorry”, but beyond that she hadn’t given it much thought. It was quiet for a moment, then Lacey filled the void not by talking, but by reaching around Allison slowly and feeling her underwear which were beginning to seep. Lacey used her fingers to trace the underwear lines on Allison’s thong. As she reached the arches of the thong, she brought the underwear down slowly, enjoying the heavy breathing Allison was doing as a result. Two fingers found their way to her pussy and began rubbing, identifying that it was wet and ready to be fucked.Lacey: “It’s okay, bitch.”Allison felt the dildo on her ass, this time it was lubed. The dildo slapped her exposed ass cheek, then rested, finding its way between the cheeks, seeming to be gushing out of excitement. The viscous liquid splattered and left a reminder of what felt like cum rolling down her warm soft skin - a generous amount now in between her cheeks not likely to leave any time soon.“What’s your safe word?” Lacey whispered in Allison’s ear.“Red mistress” Allison whispered back.“Good girl” Lacey responded.“Thank you, Mistress”. Allison acknowledged.“Take your time”. Lacey said louder, smacking the other ass cheek. Allison then felt her hair get pulled hard, her face next to Lacey’s now, letting out a gasp as her body moved in an unexpected jolt backwards.“I’ve got all night.” Lacey taunted, inserting the dildo into Allison’s dripping pussy.Allison’s hands were planted on the wall, her body being pulled backward, legs spread, head back as far as possible, Lacey standing behind her, a strap-on dildo inserted into and fucking Allison.------While Lacey had been approaching Allison, Scarlette had been stimulating Steele. Steele sitting and Scarlette laying on the couch, she rubbed on his pants for a few minutes while they watched together, then she kissed his thigh working her way to his crotch; moving to the ground on her knees while doing so. She unbuckled his belt, undid his pants and pulled them along with his underwear part way down his thighs. She then reached for his already wet dick, touching it like it was the key to her freedom. She kissed it and licked it for a while glancing up shyly every now and then. Stroking his cock, she began licking downwards toward his balls, then inserted them in her mouth while staring into Steele’s eyes. Licking and softly moaning, she stroked for a moment then moved on to sucking his dick, starting by making a “popping” sound at the tip, then gagging herself inserting more of it, and finally choking as she completely enveloped the whole thing with her mouth and down her throat.Scarlette, who had done this before, forced her own head up and down, completely extracting and consuming Steele’s hard dick each time, over and over. Each time more and more drool and pre-cum slathering her face, tears streaking her eyeliner and makeup. Steele wiping her down with his hand every now and then, slapping it all back onto her face or into her hair every time.Finally, Steele grabbed Scarlette by the top of her head and forced her down, holding her face to his pelvis as he gripped her skull hard with his fingers. Her arms beginning to wave, she tapped on his thigh and he released her. She pulled away still kneeling and coughed until she caught her breath. Steele stood and pulled his pants back up, then sat back down. Scarlette returned smiling to lay back down with her head on Steele’s thigh and her ass in his hand. This time Steele pulled her hair so that her head was on top of his dick, she felt it throbbing through his pants. From time-to-time Steele would flex, dry humping Scarlette’s head while pushing her face into his crotch. ------Allison couldn’t see what was going on between Steele and Scarlett, but she could hear the sounds of a woman gagging and slurping over and over again, sounds that she had only heard in porno films. The bell around Scarlette’s neck ringing wildly. Steele all the while moaning out of pleasure.Allison couldn’t help but wonder if she was going to be expected to do whatever Scarlette was doing, and if she was even capable. “Do you hear that?” Lacey whispered while thrusting in and out of Allison.Allison: “Yes Mistress”“That is the sound of my bitch getting my man ready for me.” Lacey whispered now smiling.Allison was now consumed with fear and pleasure. The stimulation from the dildo and the situation she found herself in causing her to cum once again, her body twitching.Lacey: “Bitch, I want to hear it when you cum, you moan like a fucking slut or you don’t deserve it.”*Smack*“Yes Mistress” Allison began moaning hard to compensate.Lacey: “You will thank me every time I allow your bitch ass to cum, is that understood?”Allison: “Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress”*Smack*Lacey: “Have you figured out what changed? Why did you come back?”“I don’t know mistress” Allison was finding it hard to concentrate. *Smack*“Not good enough. You do know, tell me.” Lacey ordered.“Pictures… choices… freedom… Mistress” Allison couldn’t put the sentence together, but Lacey recognized that she was trying and slowed down, continuing to thrust gently.Lacey: “Go on.”Allison: “The pictures… you made me… I liked it… PLEASE MISTRESS!”*Smack*Lacey: “The makeover?”*Smack*Allison: “Embarrassed, I’m SOORRRRRYYYYY!”“Shhh shhh shh shh” Lacey encouraged, “That’s a good girl, we will talk about this later.”Allison: “Yes Mistress”.Lacey took the dildo out of Allison and ordered her to stay put.Allison: “Yes Mistress.”Allison stood against the wall in her ‘inspection’ position unable to see what was going on. She heard Lacey call Scarlette over, the bell ringing on her collar as she came closer and kneeled.“Allison, kneel, now bitch.” Lacey ordered.“Yes Mistress” Allison acknowledged as she made her way to the ground next to Scarlette, whose eyes were closed, her face angled downward.Lacey then ordered the two ladies on their knees to suck her dildo. Scarlette, came crawling eagerly staring Lacey in the eyes as she began to suck and drool on the prosthetic shaft.Allison, was much more hesitant, she remembered the last time she tried sucking on it and failing. There was also no way that she could compete with Scarlette who seemed to be enjoying slurping Allison’s pussy juice, gagging and choking loudly.“Bitch, I didn’t ask you a question; crawl the fuck over here and suck on this cock.” Lacey ordered Allison.Crawling slowly, not to increase sensuality, but to stall, Allison contemplated using her safe word. What would happen if she used it, would they hate her? Would they make fun of her? Would they kick her out of the house?She made her way next to Scarlette, kneeling in front of Lacey. Lacey grabbed Scarlette by the hair and pulled her off the dildo, her mouth creating a loud “pop” as she was removed. “Go back to Steele bitch” Lacey told her.“Yes Mistress” Scarlette replied, crawling her way back to Steele and burying her face into his crotch like that was the only safe place for her.Lacey grabbed Allison by the hair and pulled it back and down, forcing her to open her mouth, then inserted the dildo.Allison gagged hard but Lacey was not relenting. Lacey heard Allison mumbling something through the gagging.“Red! RED!” Allison said once her mouth was free of obstruction.Allison at this point was preparing for the worst, she completely expected that everyone would be upset with her.The opposite happened.Lacey seemed happy and a little impressed. She knelt down to Allison’s eye level and put a hand on Allison’s face. “Good, bitch. Tell me what happened.”“I couldn’t handle the dildo in my mouth.” Allison explained.“Was anything else too much, or just the dildo causing you to gag?” Lacey inquired.“Just the dildo. Mistress” Allison confirmed.“Do you need to stop, or would you like to continue without the sucking?” Lacey offered.Allison was amazed. She could continue? “More, please Mistress.” Allison said.A smile spread across Lacey’s face as she slapped Allison on the face mildly “That’s my bitch.”Somehow, this made Allison feel even more accepted.Lacey ordered Scarlette to get a vibrator and Scarlette’s leash, and bring them to her. Scarlette did so and knelt at her feet offering the vibrator and leash.“Good girl” Lacey told her before taking the vibrator and sending her back to Steele who affixed the leash to her.Lacey ordered Allison to squat down in the middle of the room and make herself cum with the vibrator. Lacey then went to the couch and knelt at Steele’s feet until he granted her permission to sit next to him. Scarlette kneeling in front of Steele with her head still buried, Lacey’s hand resting on the back of her head. They were now ready to watch.Allison was extremely nervous but the nerves weren’t so overwhelming that she was going to cry ‘Red’ again. She turned on the vibrator and pressed it to her clit, her legs becoming tired easily from squatting and beginning to shake. She closed her eyes and bit her lip.“Look at me, bitch.” Lacey ordered.Allison looked at the three people in front of her on the couch, then focused in on Lacey, breaking eye contact and looking away a couple of times but returning immediately, so as to not upset her. For some reason Allison had an overwhelming feeling of being sorry, she felt that she had wronged Lacey, who had taken her in and provided the most pleasure she had ever felt.“I’m sorry Mistress!” Allison began crying and came hard, realizing full well that she had just pleasured herself in front of these people. She fell to her knees because her legs were tired and turned off the vibrator.Lacey walked over and lifted Allison’s face by the chin, “I know you are, and I bet that you want a way to show me, don’t you?”Allison: “Yes Mistress, please, tell me, I’ll do it”Lacey walked to a part of the couch where she could put her legs up while resting, half-laying. She got into a position on the wraparound couch which allowed Steele a full view of her and she revealed her pussy. Lacey: “Allison, crawl your bitch ass over her and lick.”“Yes Mistress” Allison said, eager to get into Lacey’s good graces.Around this time, Steele slapped Scarlette on the face and she started sucking his dick again.Steele and Lacey watched each other as they were both being orally gratified by the two other women.Allison tried to do for Lacey, what she thought might feel good. She licked and put pressure on Lacey’s clit, she put fingers in her pussy and started thrusting. Then, out of what the moment was telling her, she licked Lacey’s butthole, moaning and smiling as she did so. This caused Lacey to squeal “That is such a good bitch.”“Thank you, mistress!” Lacey could hear the muffled scream as she pushed the young woman’s face in further. Lacey used her free hand to rub her clit until she came all over Allison’s face, humping into it.Allison could not believe how sexy she felt, her face covered in the juices from another woman, a woman who was calling the shots.Steele pulled Scarlette off of him by her hair, slapping her face when she was clear. He stood up and pulled his pants back on again. He ordered Scarlette to stand, holding her by the leash tightly.“Enjoy it.” He told Lacey as Steele and Scarlette left.“I will, Daddy.” Lacey moaned.Allison lifted her head to see what was going on. Her face was met with a slap.“Bitch, did I tell you that you were finished?” Lacey asked.“No, mistress. I’m sorry mistress.” Allison said, looking at Lacey’s face while her own was being forced back down.Lacey: “I want my pussy clean, lick it all up slut.”Allison began doing as told, her face being humped.Eventually, Lacey ordered Allison to retrieve the vibrator and lay down on the couch. Allison did so and laid on her back, her legs then forced apart by Lacey.Lacey mounted Allison’s face then turned on the vibrator and pressed it to Allison’s clit. Allison began flailing around but the vibrator stayed in place until Allison thanked Lacey for the inevitable orgasm.Smiling, Lacey rode Allison’s face and put the vibrator to her own clit again until she came, moaning, and smiling. Once finished, Lacey dismounted and grabbed Allison by the hair, lifting her head. Allison was visually worn out, a face covered in smeared makeup and Lacey’s own cum. Lacey slapped Allison’s face lightly.Lacey: “Sleepy time.”“Yes Mistress.” Allison was able to say.“Come on then.” Lacey ordered, leading Allison off the couch by her hair. Lacey didn’t let go until they got back to the pink and purple room, spanking Allison as they walked, encouraging her to keep moving.Once they were in the room, Lacey undressed and showered them both again, providing water and the hard candies, then putting Allison in the fluffy bed with the stuffed shark to hold onto. Later spooning Allison to sleep. The two ladies slept soundly through the night.