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pushed up her skirt免费看少妇作爱视频
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pushed up her skirt免费看少妇作爱视频

Simon and I were making love one night a couple weeks later. Something came over me and I blurted out, "I fucked Bobby." Bobby is my nephew. We often talk about our extramarital adventures in the middle of coitus - a little weird I'll admit but strangely erotic. A shocked look came over Simon's face, but then he laughed. "You're more naughty than I thought," he laughed. A pause. "I fucked his mother!" he exclaimed."My sister? You fucked my sister?"Then we both broke out laughing. I was laughing so hard Simon had a hard time keeping his cock in me. We were still chuckling off and on when he came."Maybe we should do a threesome," I joked."With Beth?" Suddenly, it wasn't a joke."Oh my!"=========="Hi Beth, it's me." "Hi Kate, what's up?""Do you remember that time with Marty G? You, me and him?""Yeah," she answered hesitatingly."It was fun, right?""Uh, I suppose. Yeah.""You've been having fun with Simon, haven't you?" I tried not to sound accusatory."Oh Beth! He told you? Oh my god. Oh my god. … I'm so sorry," I heard her start crying. "It just happened." And kept on happening, I thought but didn't say. Simon had told me they'd gone out to dinner a couple of times and recently started having sex. They had left spots on the beds in both our homes maybe five times."Beth," I interrupted her. "Beth, we're actually pretty open about these things. It's OK." Silence. "But Peter doesn't know does he?""No. Oh my god.""Well like I said, remember that time with Marty G? Why don't you come over for dinner? Peter's away and Bobby can take care of himself. Maybe he'll have Allison over. I bet those two are fucking like rabbits.""Oh my god. The three of us!?!? You think he's fucking Allison? Oh my god. Oh my god."Beth showed up for dinner in a tight red skirt and a white blouse that showed off her cleavage. We both have filled out since our scrawny teenage years but Beth still looked spectacular when she dressed up.Dinner had candlelight and champagne. We started with raw oysters (corny, I know) and followed that with poached salmon with sides of avocados and asparagus. Desert was chocolate covered strawberries.I got them to tell the story of how their trysts had started and evolved. Beth seemed incredibly embarrassed but eventually it all came out. They had often had dinner together when Peter and I were away and eventually they were overcome by how much they had always been attracted to each other."You're an incredibly attractive woman, Beth," Simon had said."Why thank you, Simon. I've often been jealous of what Kate has," and her foot brushed against Simon's leg. Ironically, they had also ordered strawberries for their desert that night and, giggling away, they began feeding each other. They began kissing in the parking lot and then making out in the front seat of Simon's car. Beth eventually leaned across the seat and gave Simon a bj while Simon pulled her panties aside and finger fucked her. It was getting risky behind the restaurant, so they drove to a secluded area, parked behind a barn, climbed into the back seat and made love. But that wasn't enough. Simon drove Beth home and went in with her. "We got naked," Beth shyly told me."And fucked," I opined."On the sofa," Simon confirmed."And in the dining room," Beth added. "And in bed, hehe."When the last chocolate covered strawberry had disappeared, I suggested, "Let's go sit on the sofa." Beth and I sat on either ends of the sofa with room for Simon between us. But Simon needed to pee and left to do that. "Let's get undressed real quick," I made another suggestion. And before you know it there were two naked sisters sitting on the sofa with our clothes neatly folded on the coffee table. We each had one arm draped over the back of the sofa and one leg draped over a sofa arm - not the most lady-like but possibly the most woman-like pose. In any case it was clear what we had to offer, LOL.When Simon came out of the bathroom he was actually stunned. Not like he hadn't seen each of us naked, but I guess this tableau seemed out of this world for him. As he came closer, we both hopped up and attacked - not too strong a word, actually. Beth tore off his shirt and I went after his shoes and pants. His underwear dropped on the floor next and we dragged him into the bedroom.Who says sex can't be fun.I'd already pulled down the covers and the three of us laid down next to each other with Simon in the middle. We started kissing him. He had to turn back and forth to give each of us our turn at his lips and tongue. He groped at each pair of boobs while we both groped for his penis, which was plenty hard. It wasn't long before both of us had his fingers between our pussy lips and then shoved way up in. I know he found my sex wet and ready inside and I don't think Beth was any different. Without letting his fingers come out we both managed to turn so our mouths could wrap around his shaft. There was a moment when I had his cock entirely in my mouth. I stopped and told him, "I want to watch you fuck her!" Beth wriggled around until she was lying on her back next to Simon. Simon rolled over on top of her and she opened her legs for him. I knelt next to them and watched him slide his penis into her opening. I was so erotic to watch. And as he began, Beth at first pushed up against every thrust. Then I watched her body begin to react to what was going on in her belly. She tried to stifle her moans by keeping her lips together and her stomach muscles began contracting uncontrollably. And then Simon began to lose control. He didn't stifle his groans and soon I could tell from years of loving him that we was beginning to cum in her. Thrust after thrust, I knew he continued to ejaculate inside and I saw some leak out around his shaft. When he popped out I watched his love jelly ooze out and drip on the sheet. I'd been masturbating the whole time and somewhere in there Beth had reached over and started rubbing my vulva while Simon fucked her. When it was over with Simon, she forced her fingers deep up into me. She hadn't done that since we were experimenting with things in high school. My first orgasm of the night erupted. Simon was astounded to watch that.Watching the two of us was starting to bring Simon back to where I needed him. And I needed him a lot. So the I handled getting him completely ready in my mouth. In the years we had been more open, I had detected other women's aroma on him from time to time, but his cock was still wet from Beth and his own semen when I took it in my mouth. The taste and aroma were unbelievable; it only added to the visual and aural stimulation I had received from their love making. I got on all fours and begged him, "Fuck me. Fuck me now."Simon's cock plunged deep into my welcoming vagina and soon I felt Beth's hand, not rubbing me, but wrapped around his shaft as it slid in and out of me. God it went deep. God I loved where it pushed on my insides. God I loved the way he held and squeezed my breasts from behind. And when I climaxed for the second time, he was not far behind.The three of us sat against the headboard catching our breath and just relaxing. I ran and got a bottle of Simon's best scotch and three glasses. Beth's had a splash of soda water in it."Too bad Peter couldn't be here," Simon offered."Think he'd like that? You know. Wife swapping out in the open?" I asked Beth."I'm not sure he's even had others while we were married," she replied."But I suppose he must have. He's away so much.""Well I'd love to have his cock in me," I boldly admitted.==============Before I go on, maybe I should fill in a few gaps in Beth's and my early years. As you know from my previous post, Marty G and me had taken our time, months thanks to my reluctance, going from first base to home plate (boy talk I know),We lived on 103rd Street in Queens. Marty would come by after school and take me to his house on 105th when his parents weren't home. Exciting things happened there, as you know. This went on for weeks. If we couldn't go to his house there was a place behind the local funeral home that was very private if there was nobody to bury that day. I wouldn't take off my clothes but I did let him lower my panties in the name of convenience. It was the standing version of reverse cowboy.Beth as it turned out was insanely jealous of me, even though she'd never gone anywhere with Marty. He was the local stud after all. So one afternoon, Marty and I were supposed to get together, but something held me up at school. I don't even remember what, because I learned about this a couple weeks later when Beth finally told me what happened. Marty came by and I wasn't there. "She's not here," Beth had told him. And when he looked crestfallen, she added, "But I am!" Well Marty and Beth started kissing. Then he took her up to her room and she let him pull down her top and suck on her boobs, small as they were, and then take her panties off and lick her pussy,chinese乱子伦xxxx国语对白 which did have some hair by then. Then he got between her legs on her bed, pushed up her skirt, slipped on a condom and made her virginity history. So what took me months, Beth gave away in, what, 20 minutes? LOL That was one of the few times when Beth actually did the laundry without complaining.And remember about "the time with Marty" that I mentioned above? Well Marty came by a couple weeks after Beth's deflowering (boy talk again). Both of us were home. I sensed some awkwardness even though I couldn't figure out why. Well Marty, jerk that he was, blurted out, "If it isn't the former virgins of 103rd street!" Beth looked over at me and though no words were exchanged, I knew. Now I was the one to be jealous, but then Marty pulled us both together and started rubbing our tits. Then he reached under our skirts - girls wore skirts to school in those days. When Marty's fingers were inside my pussy, I figured the same thins was happening to Beth. In the process of getting everybody naked, we ended up on the sofa with Marty kneeling on the floor. First he licked Beth's pussy, then mine. Eventually, he slipped on a condom and stared fucking me and then switched to Beth. As I recall, he finished in me, but Beth thinks he finished in her. She told me the story of their afternoon romp that night.Now girls do talk. And as it turned out we weren't the only virginal conquests for Marty. "Are you a virgin?" "No way." "Who was it?" "Marty!" We think that maybe Marty was responsible for the "womanhood" of five virgins ... at least. Among us girls, he got a new name, "Marty Hymen." At least, we aren't aware of any pregnancies or abortions to his credit. Thank goodness Beth and I and Marty all went away to different colleges. Thing is, Beth and I with Simon and Peter - there's a Bible story in there somewhere - ended up back in the same neighborhood in Queens. We lost track of Marty, thank goodness, though I'm not sure what might happen if I run into him again.. ================Back on the bed with the three of us.After another round of ffm sex, I was given the assignment to see just how faithful Peter was. ==========It took a few of weeks. First my period came. Beth, Simon and I actually had another adventure. Then I had to wait for Beth and Simon to both be away. Beth's business was in Baltimore. Simon said he was going to Pittsburgh but somehow he ended up in Baltimore, too, with my approval.I suggested to Peter that we have dinner somewhere. We chose a quiet place I knew in Flushing and sat in a booth. The conversation was innocent and boring until we ordered creme-de-menthe parfaits.It was Peter that broke the ice, so to speak. "I've always admired you, Kate. Simon is a lucky man.""Funny, I've always been a bit jealous of Beth." I slipped my shoe off and rubbed my stocking-ed foot against his calf."Are you thinking what I'm thinking," he offered once he realized what I was doing."Nobody has to know," I lied.We ended up at my house - he said he'd be embarrassed to see he hadn't kept their place neat while Beth was away.Peter seemed a bit nervous as we closed the door and began kissing."This can't be the first time you've been with someone else, can it?" I asked."No. It's just ...""... I'm Beth's sister. I know," as we continued kissing deeper and deeper. "I haven't been an angel either." More kissing. "Let me get you a drink," I got up and poured him a half glass of Simon's favorite scotch. "Let's sit on the sofa."We took it slow. Kissing. Him caressing my breasts thru my blouse. Me rubbing his cock thru his pants. Then he started kissing my neck and down to my cleavage as he unbuttoned my blouse. I had my laciest and scantiest lingerie. My pussy was totally wet when his hand found its way into my panties. I let him play there for a while before I knelt between his legs and took his cock in my mouth. He held his fingers in my hair as I slurped and sucked and bobbed down and up on him. I didn't stop when his moaning grew more intense, and when he warned me, "I'm coming," I still didn't stop. His juices erupted in my mouth and splashed all over my face and boobs when I took my mouth away halfway thru his climax. "Oh my god, you're amazing," he exclaimed.It was my turn next as we swapped places and he lifted my hem and started licking me. He did my favorite foreplay - fingers thrusting in and out while he licked and sucked on my pussy. It wasn't long before my own climax exploded. We stood up, finished undressing each other and crawled naked into bed.We pulled the covers up over us and laid next to each other kissing. Peter gently caressed my butt and then my breasts; I pulled him close and crushed his lengthening cock between us. When the time came, I rolled onto my back and Peter crawled on top of me. "I guess I don't have to ask if you are sure," he joked. "I want you so bad," I answered and I felt him maneuver his shaft to my opening and then in. He is one of those men whose second round takes a whole lot longer and I was enjoying every minute of his powerful thrusts. in time, I got on my knees and he licked me for a while before he was back inside. "Oh yes, oh yes," I moaned as yet another orgasm swept over me. At last, I felt my sister's husband's semen jetting deep into my vagina. "Don't stop. Don't stop," I begged, and he carried on as long as he could.I awoke before Peter did the next morning and kept checking for his morning erection. When that arrived, I straddled him on my knees, and he woke up to my rubbing his cock between my pussy lips. "Oh god, Kate," he muttered as I lowered myself onto him as he took hold of my boobs. It didn't take long for him to cum this time, and when his erection had faded, he pulled out and ran into the bathroom to pee. I did likewise. Peter put on one of Simon's robes and I got one of mine. I made eggs and bacon for us. He wanted them sunny-side up. "I've never been sure, but it wouldn't surprise me if Beth has been with others," he spouted out.I took that as my cue. "Well Simon and I discovered neither one of us has been faithful, but we worked it out," I offered. Then I pretended to ponder what we had said and finally got to the message that I was charged to propose. "It would be kinda fun if the four of us got together, you know, not just for dinner, you know." I pretended to joke. "He, he. Do you think Beth would go along?""Oh my god," he exclaimed.


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