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shes so hotand tight免费裸体黄网站18禁免费
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shes so hotand tight免费裸体黄网站18禁免费

It had been a couple of months since my last visit to the hotel in London. I still couldn’t get over the fact the hotel has secret rooms that can see straight into the guests room, and I certainly couldn’t believe what we had seen!!The hotel unfortunately was out of my companies budget so I’d booked the usual hotel and sat in disappointment on the train. At least I would be able to spend time with my daughter who was at university in london. Her uni and work schedule and my schedule meant we rarely got time to see each other. She couldn’t do tonight but had booked us a nice restaurant for the following day. As I was sat on the train my phone rang. Thinking it was a work call I answered it “Hello Sir, this is Chris from hotel reception” I instantly had the biggest smile and excitement. I recognised the voice, it wasn’t reception. It was the Manager of the hotel with the secret hotel room whom I know well “unfortunately there has been a mistake with your booking but we have allocated you a hotel at our other hotel. There will be an Uber waiting for you at the train station when you arrive. We look forward to welcoming you and apologies for any inconvenience.”No inconvenience at all I thought! As promised there was an Uber waiting for me and I made the journey across London to my new hotel. I checked in, “how many keys will you require sir”. “Just one thank you I’m here for work”“Of course sir. I’ve included an extra key, just in case” the receptionist said with a knowing smile. I smiled back and made my way to my room. As soon as I put my bags down the phone rang, it was Chris “hope you didn’t mind the hotel swap” he said with a slight laugh“Not at all, any interesting guests tonight” “make your way to the server room before 9. As before if anyone is around don’t come in and keep walking”. It was just after 8, enough time to freshen up, have a beer and call the wife. I also sent my daughter a message confirming the plans for tomorrow night. It was almost 9 and I made my way up to the top floor where the server room was. As the lift opened a couple were waiting and my nerves were up. Walking along the corridor I was relieved no one else was there and I made my way into the server room. Chris was in there along with a couple of others. I instantly noticed the improvement to the spy room, a beer fridge.As I grabbed a beer I asked Chris what to expect. “We’re not sure. It’s a group who have booked a few standard rooms but one on the top floor. That normally means a party, sometimes it’s just drugs and a few beers, sometimes there’s a girl or 2 invited. There’s a girl in the bathroom but it seems they’re a couple so its looking like just a normal party. But worth waiting”At 9:15 there was a knock on the door and 5 lads walking in, they all shook hands and hugged the guy in the room, they were all mates so it was clear this was just going to be a few drinks and probably some drugs. Disappointed I was finishing my drink and debating going to the bar or just back to my room to watch TV. All of them were stocky with muscled bodies and lots of tattoos amongst them. ‘Clearly a rugby team’ i thought. One of the lads in the room called out “gentleman, I need your attention” they all stopped and looked at him. “Unfortunately, like Rick and Craig before him, James has felt the need to break the bro code and get himself a girlfriend” they all mockingly cheered. “He is aware of rules for breaking the bro code, and like the previously mentioned has accepted his punishment”. They all cheered and starting slapping him on the back. “As brothers we share everything. And that means everything! James, time to share brother”I turned to Chris “fuck, does he mean what I think he means”“I hope so” chris said smilingJames stood up, put a bag on the bed and walked towards the bathroom. A couple of minutes later he reappeared with what must have been his girlfriend. She was wearing a hood and cuffs around her wrists and ankles. She was walked to the bed as all the guys got naked and put in the doggy position. James took a spreader bar out of his bag and attached it to her ankles. She put her arms through and her wrists were also attached to the spreader bar resulting in her head resting on the bed and her naked ass sticking up in the air. “You know the rules, we all get one opportunity to fuck her, without cumming.Once we’ve all had our first round of fun, round two is where we really welcome her to the group by giving her our cum as a welcome gift. We all know the order so lads line up, engines ready and let the fun begin”James joined the guys in getting naked and went to the back of the queue but where he could clearly see his girlfriend being used. All guys were muscly and 3 had tattoos, one with what looked like a Maori tattoo, even though he was the most pale, one with Arabic writing and James had a sleeve and a date in Roman numerals. The ring leader stepped up behind the girl and rubbed his cock along the folds of her pussy. She squirmed a bit at the touch “oh she’s soaking wet lads, looks like she’s loving the introduction”. With that he slowly slid into her and she let out a light moan in excitement as the first of her boyfriends friends started to fuck her. With her being attached to the spreader bar she was unable to move and he took full advantage as he fucked her and slapped her ass a few time’s so hard it started to turn read. “Fuck James you got yourself a good one here, shes so hotand tight, I can feel her gripping my cock” After several minutes he stepped back and high fived his mate who next. He grabbed a beer, gave James a greatful handshake and sat down to watch the action. The second guy was well into his stride and going much harder, the noise of their skin slapping together was much louder as was the moans from the girl “ugh fuck ugh ugh fuck yes” he was clearly too focussed to say anything to the group and just continued fucking the girl like she was some cheap slut, and not his mates girlfriend. Rick and Craig got either side of her and starting to massage her tits, gently to start but then pitching and pulling at her nipples, “aaarrrrggghhhhh fuuuucccckkkkk” she screamed out as she shook in orgasm as the guys cheered. “Shit I’m about to blow” the guy fucking hersaid as he stepped back.It was only at this point I noticed how hung this guy was. All the others were about average but this guy was probably about 9” and proportionally thick. “Time to give her something James never can” he laughed as he slapped his dick against her pussy, you could hear how wet she was by the slapping noise, before he entered her “WOW” the girl screamed out and you could see her fingers reaching out and wrapping roundin the constraints and her toes curl. Clearly knowing his size was a lot for her he was slower than the previous guy but still taking what he wanted. He had balls to match his large cock and they were swinging back and forwards slapping into her with every thrust. “Pinch my nipples”she shouted and James did as his girlfriend asked. With the sensation of her nipples being pinched and the 9” cock in her pussy she shook in orgasm for a second time and squirted a small amount. “James you never said she’s as squirter” he said in excited amazement.“She doesn’t do it very often but yea” he replied. The 4th and 5th guys both took their turns fucking the girl and commenting on how tight she was and how good at taking dick she was. “Clearly not her first group” they laughed. It was James’ turn,国产精品国产免费无码专区不卡 “you could fuck her ass and she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it” the ringleader laughed. “Tempting haha, but she agreed to this on the agreement it was pussy only” James replied. “You’re a pussy” Craig said.After James was finished the ringleader “right lads, time to really welcome her to the group with a gift of your cum”. He reached into his bag and grabbed a permanent marker “when you’ve cum sign her ass with this, and don’t waste time, I want to go to the pub”He stepped forward and slid into her once again, he wasn’t joking about wasting time and very quickly thrust hard into her and held it emptying his full balls inside her. He took the pen, wrote ‘Welcomed by....’ and then signed his name. All 4 followed suit, some taking longer than others but all cumming quickly and signing their names on her ass. It was after the third guy that the cum started dripping down her leg. By the time the 5 friends and her boyfriend had cum in her pussy, it was running like a waterfall and there was a clear wet patch on the bed. “Well done lads. Another girl initiated in to the band of brothers” the ring leader said as he took a picture of her ass with all the signatures and the cum dripping down her leg. “If you ever get married she should get this as a tattoo” he laughed. “Right lads, let’s go, James,help your lovely lady and meet us in the bar in 30 minutes”The all left and James removed the spreader bar and led his girlfriend to the bathroom. After a few minutes you could hear the shower and he reappeared. “Never stops amazing me what happens in the privacy of a hotel room” Chris joked. “We have out favourite celeb again tomorrow night, you joining us” he asked. “No I can’t, I’m meeting my daughter for dinner, if I’m back in time is it ok if I pop in”. “Of course it is. It’s in the other room but your key will work”I left and went back to my room as it was fairly late and I had to be up early for workWork was the usually blend of pointless and boring but something my boss insists we all do. I made my way back to the hotel to get changed before meeting my daughter for dinner. I was really looking forward to seeing her but also disappointed at missing out on the fun at the hotel.Because of the change of hotel, it took me a lot longer to cross the city on the underground but luckily I arrived just on time. My daughter was already there and we hugged and ordered a drink at the bar. We were casually chatting when she suddenly got a big smile on her face. “Dad, I hope you don’t mind but I’ve invited someone to join us.” As she finished talking a guy walked in and gave her a big hug and a kiss.“Dad, id like you to meet my boyfriend” she said. Her boyfriend turned to me and offered to shake my hand “it’s an honour to meet you sir, I’m James”. “Dad, dad” she said as I just stood staring at his tattoo and the person I’d seen through the spy glass the night before. “Sorry you just took me by surprise that’s all” I said shaking his hand. “It’s fine, I said she should have checked with you first” he replied. We sat down for dinner together and had a nice evening. I say it was nice, I can’t remember much of the conversation. I just kept replaying the night before over and over in my head. Was it really my own daughter I’d watch take the cum of 6 different men. Were their signatures still on her ass. Why am I finding this a turn on?