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don't be a perv免费裸体黄网站18禁免费
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don't be a perv免费裸体黄网站18禁免费

It had taken years of research, countless sleepless nights and more than enough sacrafice but Devlin had perfected the science of time travel. With his young wife, he had seen so many of history important events – from the Gettysburg address to the great fire of London, from the first Beatles concerts to their own births.It was totally strange seeing your own birth but it seemed like a good idea; Devlin couldn't help himself but take a look at his mother-in-law's pussy and did get a little hard but then nearly threw up looking at the Sharon's birth. She was a cute baby even when she was covered in blood and excrement – nobody told him that could happen!They tried to go back to when they lost their virginity but both were really disappointed as it was in their own bedrooms and without breaking in and forcing themselves they couldn't really do anything. They even spent a couple of hours in the freezing cold trying to look through curtains at what was going on inside.They did manage to have sex most of the time when they travelled and had some amazing sex during Woodstock – the original not the debacle in the 90's. It seemed that watching Jimmy Hendrix really turned Sharon on. "I have an idea, it seems a little weird and a bit fucked up but hear me out", this got Sharon's attention and she turned on her side. Devlin couldn't help watch her beautiful C-cup breasts as they moved together and produced an amazing cleavage; his mind wondered as he pictured cumming all over her tits."Well stop looking at my tits and tell me what you are talking about", the interest on her face showed up her beautiful features and he wanted to jump her here and now. His cock started to rise and she clicked her fingers – she knew exactly what was happening and she wanted to hear his idea."Don't shout at me, but I was thinking it would be good to go and see each other before we lost our virginity – I know it is a weird but I have seen pictures of you when you were younger and I would love to help you investigate 'sex'."He let the words sink in and watched for a negative reaction. "So you want to go back in time and fuck me?" Her face was not easy to read but he got a worrying feeling in his gut that he may have gone to far. "I am sorry, forget about it – it was just an idea. Sorry!"She looked at him and let her mind wonder; she was adventurous to say the least but this was a little bit weird even by their standards. They had pushed their own boundaries especially in the Greek brothels when everything got fucked no matter if it was male or female. She still smiled when she pictured Devlin with a large Greek cock shoved down his throat."I am interested but what exactly do you want to happen?" She smiled and she could visibly see him relax. "Nothing too bad, I just envisaged dropping bye, say hi and then persuade younger you to open you legs and let us both fuck her senseless – simple really". Sharon raised an eyebrow "how do we do that exactly?"."You remember how horny you were as a teenager, how often you would come home and play with yourself?" She nodded and it wasn't a lie; pretty much five nights out of seven Sharon would come home from school and go to her room, slide the lock over and within 5 minutes be naked from the waist down and cumming. No mucking around, no bullshit Hollywood shit, fingers on her clit and she would cum almost instantly.These full on wanking sessions could last for hours, by the end she was knackered and her pussy would be numb but she would have wanked pretty much constantly for four hours straight. Sharon would lose count of the amount of times she would cum and she would use her finger, a hair brush and even pens. "Well we go through your old diaries, find a day when you were alone and drop in. We talk to you for a bit and then you persuade younger you to put out – easy really" Sharon knew that it would probably work as her childhood had been a horny but lonely one so thinking of her younger self she knew that a few kind words and if she believed them she knew she would want to please.Sharon thought for a while and agreed to the plan. She got out of bed and started to rummage through her old stuff. She finally brought a box out and plonked it on the bed, opened the dusty lid and handed over a couple of very old diaries. Devlin opened them and worked out that this diary was when she was 14 - "A Little too young I think", he did look at her and she knew it was more of a question than a statement. "No way, I was full of spots and was not ready to spread my legs by 14, don't be a perv, go for 16 or 17, I hadn't lost my virginity yet but I was desperate to please plus my body had grown ready." Devlin was getting hard thinking about the possibilities and opened up the next diary; this one was on the money of 16 – "got it, around your birthday, what do you think?", "it will be busy but maybe, let me look" Sharon put her hand out to take the diary.He handed it over and then picked up her 14 year old diary for a read. He read with great interest as younger Sharon poured her heart out on the page about life and school, her parents and pain in the arse younger sister. They were silent as they read but it didn't stop Devlin moving his hand over to her hips and gentle stroking her."Good I was boring as a kid, blah, blah, blah, shit sister this, bullying at school, itchy boobs and periods but I do think I have a date. It is going to be cold but there is an entire day where I refuse to go on a family outing and spend the day 'entertaining myself' as it were."Devlin looked up from his diary smiled to Sharon and said "lets go back to when you are 14 and teach your fucking sister a lesson in not being a bitch? - What do you think?". "Maybe later but I have a date, 10 days after my 16th birthday and it is a Sunday, nothing going on and I am alone".They spent the next 30 minutes planning the trip and making plans and by the time it was 11:30 pm they were ready for sleep but horny as hell. They embraced and quickly he had her white top over her head and her panties off her beautiful hips. His cock was solid as she hungrily put all eight inches of his cock into her mouth.It wasn't a long fuck but they had worked each other up and after a quick blow job he mounted his women and not so gently pushed his cock into her very wet pussy. They grinded together and kissed, he grabbed her tits and kissed and bit her nipples as his urging grew. She really was a easy lay and had still kept her skill to have multiple organisms even during a quicky.He started fucking her quicker and with urgency and he knew he was going to fill her up shortly. He groaned loudly and showed her trust as she gripped his arse to push him as far into her as possible. There tension slackened and they lay interconnected but contented.They fell asleep and slept in as well, Devlin woke in an empty bed and before he could focus his eyes he could hear Sharon moving around in the bathroom. He stumbled over to the bathroom and as he finally focused he saw that Sharon was wearing some very strange clothes. He remembered last night and knew she was okay with his plan."I like the all jean look, you look properly eighties" she turned smiled and pointed to some very dubious cloths. "Come on, get dressed we need to get going if we are going to get the whole day with my younger self". "Are you sure you want to do this?", he grabbed her and moved so she was starring straight at him, he looked into her eyes looking for some doubts."I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't want to do it" she smiled and kissed him. They broke apart and Devlin jumped into the shower and prepared himself for the day ahead, his mind wondered to what younger Sharon would feel like, what she would taste like and how well she would take his cock. He dried himself, and finished preparing for the day. He walked out of the bathroom in full costume and smiled as Sharon was sitting there with the equipment they needed to go back to 16 year old Sharon. He put the date and time into the machine and they stood up as he pressed the 'go' button to travel.The light was strong and they both closed their eyes and after the disturbance finished they opened them to see a very different environment. The cars were small, old but new and the snow on the ground sent a shiver down both of their spines. They had landed about 200 meters from Sharon's old house and checked their watches for the correct time. If the diary was correct they would be free to knock on her door. Sharon would go first and ask to use the phone as their car had broken down – pre-planned idea. Sharon walked up to the door and it was weird to knock on her own door and she felt a little nervous. She knocked and then checked to see if her Dad's car had gone, probably should have checked before she knocked but it had gone – thank god.Devlin stood close behind her and tried to listen out for noise from the house, it took a while but the they did hear doors opening and stomping down the stairs. A blurred figure appeared through the frosted glass and the door opened. In front of us was a 16 year old Sharon, both of them were a little taken aback and very slow to say anything. "Can I help you?" 16 year old Sharon said impatiently, she obviously had an attitude and was holding together her oversized shirt which wasn't buttoned up, her pj bottoms were a little lower than expected and she had obviously rushed getting dressed."Oh sorry, our car has broken down and my mobile doesn't work, can we borrow your phone to ring a garage?", Devlin's eyes bulged as she said that and he used his knee to nudge Sharon as a prompt not to say mobile.Sharon looked into young Sharon eyes trying to see if she had picked up the errorand seeing if she recognise anything. It seems that younger Sharon did pick it up and started to say no as her parents didn't like strangers in the house when they were out."We can pay you if that helps?" Devlin got some money out of his pocket and thruster it forward towards younger Sharon. Sharon took one of the old currency notes and that seemed to do it for her. "Okay but you will have to be quick, the phone is in the hall" as she said this she moved out of the way and opened the door. She pointed to the phone and then I picked it up and started to fake dial a number. "Can I get a glass of water or a cup of tea as it is freezing out there" Sharon asked her younger self. "Sure, how do you take it" they walked into the small kitchen and left Devlin to make the fake call about the car."Sorry about this, we will be out of your hair shortly. Sorry I didn't get your name?" Older Sharon, looked as younger Sharon started to sort her clothes out and make tea at the same time. Her top wasn't done up properly and a number of buttons were missing but she could see that she wasn't wearing a bra and she would bet that there were no panties either. 'It's Sharon, by the way"She made the tea and as the fake conversation continued Devlin said loudly that the pick up truck wouldn't be available for at least two hours. Sharon handed the hot tea to her guest and heard as Devlin put the phone down. She watched him walk through the hall and handed him a hot cup of tea.She finally looked at Devlin and he was gorgeous, in fact she blushed a little and tried to cover up her shirt as she handed the tea over. He noticed the blush and also took stock of what he could see. A few buttons missing buttons showing no bra, and an amazing young figure hidden behind the awful clothes. He was going to have fun with this girl and he would enjoy fucking her."I am really sorry but the truck will not be here for two hours, if you don't mind we will drink the tea and wait outside if you want?". Young Sharon looked at the couple in front of her and despite herself said they could wait here. She really starred at the lady in front of her and slowly she realised that something seemed strangely familiar. She could stop and it made her feel a little strange."Sorry if we disturbed you, was it anything important?" Devlin asked with a smile as he suspected that she might have been playing with herself when they knocked on the door. Older Sharon knew what Devlin was doing but looked at her response and wasn't surprised when her blush came back with a vengeance. Younger Sharon muttered something about homework but it lacked conviction. "You can sit in here and wait if you would like?" Younger Sharon pointed towards the dining room but older Sharon had other ideas – "Can we have a tour of the house, oh and I need the loo anyway?". Younger Sharon looked a little concerned but decided that going to the loo wasn't bad and her parents wouldn't mind."Okay but not my room as it is messy, the loo is this way",国产精品国产免费无码专区不卡 both Sharon's walked up the stairs as did Devlin, the door at the top was the loo and 'older Sharon' went in and locked the door. Younger Sharon stood awkwardly trying not to look at Devlin as every time she did her face and chest went red.Devlin looked around and started to move towards doors and look around. "This is my sister's room, my parents and mine is there" she pointed as Devlin opened up Sharon's bedroom and instantly he could smell what had been happening before they knocked on the door. "Smells like you have been very busy in here" Devlin smiled at younger Sharon as he said this and she went an amazing red and tried to stop him entering her room."No, it isn't tidy", she moved quickly but too late to stop him entering. He quickly looked around and saw two pairs of panties on the floor and a single bed in a small room. She moved quickly to try and usher him out as her embarrassment was total now. He ignored her protests and sat on the edge of her bed, he picked up her panties and bra and smiled as he waved them at her.She grabbed her underwear and between the unbuttoned section he could see her exposed tit, he was speechless and kept on staring at her chest. She re-treated and tried to cover her self up. "Get out of here" she pointed towards the door and Devlin smiled and moved a little closer to her. "Don't worry Sharon, when Sharon comes back in we will have a little chat and the fun can begin."The shock of Devlin saying the name allowed Sharon to start to put two and two together. She was confused and this gave Devlin the chance to move closer and lay a few hands on his wife's younger body. His hand started on her leg and slowly moved up her thighs. He was quick and had her pinned pretty much against the back of the bed, he looked down at her and could see the fear."Don't worry Sharon will help you and tell you what to do" the words seemed to help a little but the fear soon came back as Devlin took the opportunity to open up her top a little and get a better view of her beautiful tits. He nearly fucked her there and then when he saw how puffy her nipples were. Just as he was going to take off her top, older Sharon walked in and smiled as she sat next to younger Sharon. She was sitting, cornered and with her legs up to protect her body, Devlin had already opened up her shirt and obviously seen her tits as the look in his eyes was amazing. "Don't worry Sharon, it is all going to be fine. I can assure you that when this over you will feel amazing, relaxed, confident and you will feel like a women." Her words were reassuring to Sharon but she didn't move an inch."We know that before we knocked on the door you were playing with yourself, we know that pretty much like most nights you were wanking yourself silly and I know you would be doing it for hours" Older version looked down at younger version and she could see the look of confusion on her face, she knew that she had to talk more."The reason I know that you like wanking is that I am you. I am an older version of you, but you. I know what your sister, sorry our sister is a bitch and a pain in the arse and I know that she makes your life hell and you want to just look the door and play with yourself all day". While she was saying this, Devlin took the chance and slipped his hand inside her shirt.He gently cupped her tit and the heat and the excitement made his cock instantly stiff. He knew that older Sharon was getting through to her and knew it wouldn't be long before he was slipping his cock inside his wife younger self. Her nipple started to stiffen and he gently pinched it to help it along.Sharon continued "I know that when you go to school there is a girl called Cala Bailey who makes your life shit at school as well and that she torments you. She calls you a dyke and pushes you around" these words seemed to disarm her and the tension in her body reduced dramatically. She started to notice that Devlin was playing with her tits and that she started to move his hand away, but older Sharon stoped her."We are here so I can help you Sharon, we are going to make you a women and give you the chance to get your revenge of your tormentors. Did you know that in about 15 months Cala is going to get pregnant and will never get a job or do anything with her life? And she gets fat, and I mean really fat?" Younger Sharon smiled and relaxed at hear these words."Did you know that when you get older you will travel the world, own your own business and be amazingly confident and beautiful woman?". Devlin spent this time unbuttoning her top and opened her up so he could see both of her beautiful tits. He spread her top fully open and kissed gently around her nipples. Older Sharon was doing an amazing job and keeping her busy and her pussy was next on his list.Older Sharon stood up and beckoned for younger Sharon's hand, it stopped Devlin from playing but she took her hand and stood up. Devlin moved over and gently pulled down her pyjama bottoms. Nobody stopped him as he looked at her naked body and saw the ample hair between her legs. He moved closer and softly caressed her hips and legs.Devlin couldn't help but look at this wife younger version, her skin was amazingly clear, tight and pure. Her breast were familiar but new, they were pert and felt so firm he knew he was going to going to have fun.Sharon had gained control she knew that her older-self was telling the truth, she trusted her and wanted what she offered. She was scared but allowed the sexy man to touch her private parts and felt amazing as his finger moved between her lips.She enjoyed his fingers and wanted to cum but didn't know if she could in front of strangers.The pressure was building and when older Sharon started to suck on her nipples she exploded. Her breathing was shallow and she grabbed his hand as waves of pleasure flowed through her body.They both saw her orgasm and smiled at each other knowing that this was going to be a good day.16 year old Sharon sat back down on the bed but opened her legs this time giving him the permission. He moved in between her legs and started to lick gently between her virgin folds – the smell and taste of her cunt was making him crazy and his cock was getting uncomfortable in his troucers. The electricity pulsing through her was amazing and her body jolted as his tongue licked her cunt. Looking at both of them, 'Older Sharon' knew that it was time to introduce his cock. She grabbed his shoulder just as younger version was cumming. "Cock time Devlin, stand up and get your cock out mister'. It didn't take him long to stand up and as he was just about to undo his fly when 'older Sharon' stopped him and indicated that the other Sharon should do it."Don't worry, put your hand on his bulge and feel it" slowly she moved her young hand up and felt the stiff cock in his trousers. "Undo the fly and carefully take it out", she did as she was told and in a minute she was sitting with this massive cock in front of her and her eyes were as big a saucers. "Take it slowly in your mouth, mind your teeth and take it slowly".Young Sharon gulped as she grabbed the massive rod, it jumped a little as she wrapped her hand around it and stared at it in her hands. The heat and the way it gently pulsed turned her on. She looked at it, then to Devlin and then back to the cock. She then did as she was told and slowly put her mouth over his cock, it was an unforgettable feeling and she took about two inches into her mouth and it felt big.She moved her tongue around a little and tried to take a bit too much and gagged a little. Older Sharon laughed and told her to slow down but it wasn't too long before she was sucking his cock with more confidence.She was enjoying herself and kept a good rhythm wanking his cock backwards and forwards and taking a good five inches into her mouth.Older Sharon watched with great interest and also a little bit envy. She pushed her head a little further down his shaft and helped increase the movement so that more of his huge cock disappeared down her throat. She was getting into this even when she gagged, she carried on sucking his cock. Devlin was obviously enjoying himself and used his spare hands to play with Sharon's tits.He was really grabbing the younger tits and even pinched them to get her nipple really hard. He watched as he increased the pressure and noticed a small wince of pain but no less effort when taking his cock the next time he trust into her. He was pleased to see that both Sharon's enjoyed a bit of pain when sucking his cock.He increased the speed and started to really face fuck her which she took well, the gagging and the spit was starting to build up but it didn't stop her taking his cock. He grabbed her hair and pulled her face even further. Her eyes started to bulge but she didn't stop him. He was pretty much fully in and it was a struggle for Sharon but he now didn't care he wanted to fuck her brains out.Sharon could see she was struggling a little and when Devlin increased the thrust and the pressure she could see a little bit of panic on her face. She watched and could see see wasn't exactly enjoying it but she liked to watch Devlin fuck someone else's face and she also knew that she would come to love being fucked by him.He was close to coming but wanted her cunt – he pulled out of her mouth and looked down at her beautiful face. Without saying a word Sharon gentle pushed the naked 16 year old so she was lying on the bed and gently opened her legs so that she was ready to take Devlin's cock.He kissed 'older Sharon' and mounted the lying virgin. He looked directly into her eyes and positioned his shaft close to her soaking wet pussy. Sharon moved beside them both and watched as he slowly inserted his shaft into her hole.'Younger Sharon' eyes widened as she felt her pussy spread wide and although it was a little uncomfortable she wanted to feel more. He withdrew a little and pushed a little further – he was a gentle lover and knew that pushing all the way would cause a lot of pain so for a few minutes he pushed in and out by one a inch or two; he could feel resistance of her hymen but didn't push through yet.It was amazing to see your younger self getting fucked and she knew that she was going to enjoy it, she loved his cock but didn't know what younger her would feel with such a big cock for the first time. She knew what he was doing and decided to help him out, so she gently stroked her younger version face and as she turned to look at her, Devlin took the opportunity to push his cock past the barrier.She cried out in pain and everybody stopped and held their breath. He kept still as she got her breath back and when she didn't push him off he continued to increase the amount of cock she was getting. She was amazing tight but knew he had to be gentle for now. Slowly he pushed in and then withdrew his cock; he lowered himself a little and kissed her.She kissed him back so he went a little deeper, the feeling of his stiff cock sliding into her pussy was starting to get enjoyable and she relaxed her body; the pain had gone now and the feeling of being full had started to turn into pleasure. Similar to when she played with herself but better, the fullness of her pussy was an alluring mix of pleasure and pain. He was starting to build her his pace now and was almost all the way in her pussy. He kept kissing her and could hear her moans getting louder. He would fondle her tits and enjoyed how hard her nipples had become. She was getting hot and had relaxed her body. She even moved her legs to bring him and his cock further into her. He pushed further and harder into her and she accepted his cock.The pounding of his cock and the growing pleasure meant that younger Sharon didn't want this to stop, she wanted her hole filled as quickly as possible and she started to cling to him trying to take as much of his cock as possible. She felt every trust and started to lose control of her body. He was amazing, a jack hammer and she knew she was going to cum.Her breathing and body showed exactly what was going to happen and this only increased how fast he fucked her virgin pussy. He felt her body and knew that his own orgasm was close. He was loving this pussy and it was an amazing feeling as her body succumbed to his, she was lost now and he knew she would do anything for him. He held his breath and thrust himself as far as he could, he knew he couldn't cum inside of her in case she got pregnant so he quickly withdrew and shot a massive load all over her tits and stomach. He panted as his orgasm lessened and as his breathing eased he looked down to see an impressive load all over this beautiful girl.He kissed younger and then older Sharon as he got up and helped the younger version to stand and clean herself up. He looked again at his wife and knew that everything was fine with her as she put her hand in his. "Can we do this again?" Devlin looked at her and knew that they would be back.



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