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you are sexy免费看小12萝裸体视频国产

The Chauffeur (#31) Red Door, part 2By PABLO DIABLOCopyright 2019CHAPTER 1As the night wore on, as expected Jill, was nowhere to be found. Marcus did come down once, albeit only to get a quick blowjob from Amy. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the debauchery. The CG boys brought the twins over from their house and introduced them to Kim and Kay. Two sets of twins. Now that seemed interesting, even to an old guy like me.Funny as it may sound, both sets of twins took up a spot in the big kitchen for a long talk about the porn industry. I only discovered them as I was looking for a specific piece of fruit, a plum. I don’t know why, but I like plums when they are soft, which seems to be rare to find as all the grocery stores have plums picked too soon and are hard as a rock. This forces you to put them in the sun somewhere to ripen, but usually I forget about them and they end up rotting before I eat them. Maybe, with two chefs, we won’t experience that. I had Dakota with me as I was in search of my plum, Dakota as it turns out doesn’t like peaches. She loves nectarines but absolutely hates peaches, something about the fuzzy texture. Of course, I find that funny with the number of women who only minimize the fuzz on their pussy and yet, Dakota has no problem with eating THAT fruit.At some point, the pizzas arrived. Sharon drug the poor pizza delivery boy, who was clearly college-aged and pushed him onto one of the leather couches in the living room and gave him a wonderful tip……a blowjob. Oh, he didn’t last all that long as Sharon’s mouth is one of epic talent, but I think that just the idea of him getting a blowjob as a tip is one of many a pizza delivery boys’ fantasy.I sent one of the pizzas up to Jill and her video group with a response, “Hey, what no drink to go with it,” I knew it came from Jill, only she would be bold enough to say that. I had Bobby go up with an assortment of drinks. He was a bit wobbly on his own as both Paula and Donna fucked his brains out, just before I asked him to take the gamers some drinks. I just smiled knowing that he and Sammy were enjoying themselves and basically had the night off. In my head, I was thinking just how early they will be waking tomorrow after a wonderful night of my debauchery.As Bobby staggered back down the stairs, he found me and told me he was supposed to give me a kiss from Jill, but he chose instead to just tell me that she sends her love. I laughed and patted him on the shoulder for avoiding giving me a kiss or anything else she might have suggested. He smiled and laughed as well.Dakota and Amy were the clear favorites of the party. They basically were doing anyone that even looked their way. They both did Fred, they both did the CG boys, and they both did John, albeit Dakota did him twice. John figured that this was one of those ‘passes’ that Diane was giving him to play with others. Again, I smiled thinking about how much in such a short time he has matured. He is certainly becoming his own man.As it got into the evening, I heard a knock at our front door. My brain thought that we needed a doorbell. Jennifer went over to answer the door, she had the easiest clothes to put on, a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, no undies of course.When she opened the door, there stood our locksmith. He looked like a worn-out puppy. She put her arms around him and drug him into the house. She clearly is enamored with him. I saw John look at his Mom hugging and kissing the locksmith guy. He just smiled. He knew that his Mom had not ‘dated’ in quite a while, and while being part of my play group was nice, it wasn’t love.After Jennifer stopped kissing this poor man, John went over and stuck his hand out introducing himself, “Hello, I’m not sure we’ve met, I’m John,” he says purposely avoiding saying he was Jennifer’s son if she didn’t want that to be known just yet.The locksmith shakes hands and introduces himself. He apologized for being all sweaty as he unfortunately found out all the district offices AC were on timers and he made all the lock changes in basically un-air-conditioned buildings. Jennifer offered him to take a shower, but he politely declined saying he had no clean clothes with him. Jennifer took him by the hand and walked him through the house for him to see all the sex that was going on. She took him down one of the hallways to her bedroom and thus into her shower. They were in there for quite a long time. I just smiled thinking that he is getting a great tip, Jennifer. At some point, Jennifer came out and went straight to the washer/dryer putting his clothes in and getting them washed before she skipped back to her bedroom.I noticed the locksmith had set his keys down on the countertop. I picked them up and went to our front door, I opened it and hit the lock button on his key fob. I saw the lights blink and a small beep. I felt better knowing that his truck was secure. At some point, both sets of twins returned to the party, each one taking a guy and fucking their brains out. I wasn’t sure but I think I saw a tinge of jealousy in both Amy and Dakota eyes.I decide to go up to the video room. When I opened the door, I saw something I wasn’t expecting to see, Jill and Diane being fucked by Mark and Marcus. It didn’t make me jealous, I was just surprised. Here I thought that I was going to see all these video gamers into the game, but I guess the game was taking a pause. Jill unplugged herself from Mark and came over to the doorway to kiss me.“Hey there Darling, I just wanted to check on my gaming four, but I see all is well here,” I said smiling.I saw Diane cumming hard on Marcus’ cock. Mark Newberg clearly didn’t know what to do. He just sat where he was and didn’t look at me.“Darling, come play with us, you missed it, it was girls against the guys loser has to fuck the winner. Diane and I won!” Jill tells me, as if I needed an explanation.“Has Mark made you cum yet?” I asked smiling, although Mark wasn’t looking at me yet.“Um, No, he hasn’t. Maybe I need to add a penalty for a half-hearted try to make the winner cum,” she says with her big smile. “Maybe the penalty could be that he has to lick Diane’s pussy until she cums while fucking you, keeps him busy,” I say smiling and now laughing a bit.“Hey, that’s a good idea, Mark you need to start licking Diane’s pussy as a penalty for not making me cum yet. Keep licking her until she cums again,” She tells Mark, who puts his face into Diane’s pussy, although it was just filled with Marcus’s cum, but I wasn’t going to point that out.Jill pulls my pants down and begins licking and sucking me. She looks up at me and says, “This is wonderful, who do I taste on you?” she asks.“Um, the most recent was Mom. All of the ladies you left downstairs have been having their way with me and the boys that you left,” I say to her.Jill stops sucking me and announces to the gamers that they need a break and to head downstairs and join into the sex that is going on. Mark Newberg couldn’t get up fast enough and blew right past me and down the stairs he went. Marcus was quite the gentleman, helping Diane up, kissing her, holding her tightly, putting his arm out for her to hold onto. I asked where Belinda went. Jill told me that she is probably in one of the bedrooms up here as she was fading fast. She joked that kids these days just have any staying power. I walked down the hallway trying some doors, I only found one open and there she was asleep on top of the bed. I walked over to her and sat down on the edge of the bed gently shaking her. When she opened her eyes, she put her arms around me and pulled me into her. She kissed me quite passionately. I didn’t break from the kiss.After what seemed like several minutes, I heard a clearing of a throat at the door. I looked out the corner of my eye to see Jill tapping an imaginary watch on her wrist. Thankfully, Belinda heard the throat clearing as well. She broke the kiss and asked what was going on. Jill explained that the gamers were taking a break to go downstairs and have some great sex if she was interested. That statement got her going as she got up and headed out the door, brushing past Jill who just laughed.Jill came into the room and got into bed with me. “Wow, this doesn’t seem to happen much anymore. We have so many young girls that all want to fuck you, all the time, that our own together time has dwindled. I pulled her tightly to me and kissed her passionately.“Let’s make a baby,” I say to her.“Um, I actually won’t know until tomorrow morning, but I think we might have. Something inside of me says we have,” she whispers to me.“WHAT?!” I ask.“You heard me silly,” she says giggling.I hug her tightly and kiss her as passionately as I can. Now, I’m hoping for that positive response on the pregnancy test.My mind is racing, I’m so happy for her. I’m happy for me. This will be a wonderful thing to happen in our lives. Out of nowhere, my mind is invaded with that email that calls for my removal from CEO in favor of Polly Nestor’s daughter. The daughter who has just graduated from Law School, has no business experience, and has no reason to even be in this discussion, except that her Mother is a board member.“You just tensed up, what are you thinking about Darling?” Jill asks me.“It’s nothing, that email from Polly Nestor popped into my head,” I say to her.“Oh, that cunt, she’s got some nerve,” Jill answers. I’ve gotten her riled up now, so much for the nice loving time together. Jill is pissed off. Great Job David, I think to myself.“C’mon, I’ve ruined our cuddling with my stupidity. Let’s go downstairs and join the gang,” I say to her.“OK, but your skip trace friend better come through,” Jill says to me with some obvious tension in her voice.“She will, that I can promise you. If there’s something out there, she’ll find it. She wants to be invited over here to play with us, but not until she has something to tell us,” I say to Jill.“If she finds something great, I’ll get every guy and most of the gals to fuck her until she begs us to stop. She will not have a drop of cum left in her body except for the cum that the guys deposit in her pussy, in her ass, and in her mouth…. repeatedly,” Jill says with a smile.I know that she’s only teasing, but maybe she isn’t. Only time and what my skip trace friend finds out will determine what happens next.We get up off the bed. I shut the door wondering how it was left unlocked. We head back down the stairs to the rest of the playgroup.CHAPTER 2When we get downstairs, we see lots of fucking and sucking going on. John has reached man-heaven as the two new twins are fucking him, or should I say he’s fucking them. He has his large cock inside of Kim as he’s licking and sucking on Kay’s pussy. Once Kim orgasms, he removes his cock from her and slides it into Kay, who moans immediately as he begins to fuck her slowly and deeply.I look around for Diane, I see her giving one of the CG boys a blowjob right next to Belinda who is blowing the other CG boy.“Well, what do you want to do?” I ask.“Um, I really don’t know. Where’s Mom, I don’t see her anywhere?” Jill asks.I scan the two rooms and I don’t see her in either. I walk towards her bedroom and hear declarations that she is cumming. I decide to leave her to whomever she is fucking and let her just enjoy. I get back to Jill and tell her what I heard, she just smiles.Jill saw the left-over pizza and put a couple of slices on a plate. She put them in the microwave to heat up. The smell of the pizzas being reheated energized our boy John, he unplugged himself from BJ to head into the kitchen to get a couple of slices as well. He put a couple of slices on a plate, but then left the plate sitting to go find Diane. He saw that she was getting a nice licking from the CG boy she was blowing just a few minutes ago. Instead of interrupting her, he just came back into the kitchen. Jill’s plate was done quickly, and John put his plate into the microwave. John reaches into the fridge and pours himself a glass of pineapple juice. Jill just smiles at me seeing John do that.BJ came over to Jill and me to ask a favor, “Um, David I have a dear friend who texted me last night that she broke up from her boyfriend because he was doing some skank in the same apartment building. Would it be……um……. OK if I invited her to come over here. She really doesn’t have anywhere to go right now,” BJ asks.Jill says, “BJ if you vouch for her of course she is welcome here,” this causes BJ to smile her beautiful smile and head off to get her phone.“I like her,” Jill says to me.“Yeah, I do too, and she fucks as good as anyone here,” I say.“David, have you heard from Tina?” Jill asks.“No darling I haven’t. Let’s check with Dakota, if she contacted anyone it would be her,” I tell Jill.We both go looking for Dakota. We find her in the TV room watching one of the CG boys and Jennifer getting it on. I quietly come up behind her and put my hands over her eyes saying, “Guess who,” this causes her to giggle and say, “Must be my Daddy!”. I kiss the top of her head.The CG boy was really pounding Jennifer, but it seemed as if Jennifer was enjoying it, which made me wonder what happened to the locksmith guy.I waited until they came to a stopping point before, I asked where locksmith guy was, she told us he was taking a nap as changing all those locks in the heat wore him out. They took a shower together and will play some more but not till after he gets a short nap. I teased her by saying, “be sure to leave him some,” Jill, Dakota and I all giggled.I leaned over the back of the couch and asked Dakota, “Darling, Jill and I were wondering if you’ve heard from Tina lately?”“Well, not in the past couple of days. I know that she enrolled in Arizona State University to finish up her AA degree. She’s just spending time with her Mother and trying to reset her life. Don’t worry Daddy, she’s OK. I’ll tell you if there’s something you need to know,” Dakota says.As we turn to head towards the kitchen, we finally see Mom. She has not one, not two, but three guys in tow. Bobby, Sammy, and Fred. Mom seemed to be walking OK, but the two chefs seemed to be tuckered out. Fred of course was his stoic self and held Mom’s hand as they all came to the kitchen.Of course, John hopped right up thinking that they would be cooking something. Jill and I just laughed. He threw two more slices of cold pizza on a plate and began reheating it.“John, sit with me a bit please,” I say to him.He sits down at the kitchen table, I sit to his right. Dakota sits to my right.“John, do you like being in the call center?” I ask.“Yeah, it’s fun. Fairly straight forward. Obviously, you know that I made team lead and am doing well with my team,” he says smiling and full of pride.“I was thinking of taking you out of the call center and making you my second assistant. What do you think about that idea?” I ask him.“Sir, you know I’ll do whatever you want me to do. I owe you so much already,” he tells me.“Well, I’ve been thinking that over the next bit you would be Dakota’s assistant, preparing to take over her duties for the time when she has the baby. I’m still going to be needing an assistant, plus there are some things that I would like for you to take care of for me daily,” I tell him.He just sits pondering what I have said. “Sir, I would be happy to learn from Dakota. Hopefully, I won’t piss her off too much,” He says smiling. Dakota is smiling as well. “Oh, kiss my butt,” Dakota says to John smiling.“Oh, I’ve done that and more, several times over,” He replies to Dakota. They giggle together. Dakota likes the idea of John being her assistant. The funny thing about John and Dakota, she seems to really like being fucked by him although Amy does as well. John really has developed into a fine young man that cares for his fiancée, Diane. But he also shows tenderness towards both Dakota and Amy. While I was watching them interact, my brain wondered of both John and I could double penetrate any of those three girls, Dakota, Diane, or Amy. With both Dakota and Diane pregnant, I guessed it would be rather difficult, but with Amy and her sweet pussy we just might be able to stretch that out for both of us to fit into her at one time.Jill decided to head off to be to sleep for a while. I looked around to find the books of Bob Jaxson. It took me several minutes, but I found them. I looked through the long display and found the most recent book. I picked it up and took it out to the kitchen where the lighting was much better. I poured myself a glass of pineapple juice and settled down with the book.As I was reading, both Jennifer and Paula came over to me trying to drag me to a bedroom. At first, I politely declined but after their repeated cajoling, I gave in and let them take me wherever they wanted me.As I followed my two beautiful women, I asked, “Hey, I haven’t seen Donna in a bit. Any idea where she might be?” smiling as they had their arms around me.“Um, I think that she actually headed off to bed. She said that she had a long day planned tomorrow at the Call Center.” Paula tells me.They take me to Jennifer’s room. Each one was already naked as they dragged me into the room. Not that they really had to ‘drag’ me, I certainly went willingly.“David, what is it that you make both of us so horny. We both love you, we both want your body, and we want you to fuck our brains out as much and as often as possible,” Paula says to me.Jennifer adds, “You know, that conversation about having a baby with you, I’m sure that if either of us were just a bit younger we would be standing in that line as well. David, we love you and we both hope you love us,” she says before she leans in and kisses me. As she breaks from the kiss, Paula does the same thing.The three of us walk over to the bed, climb on and the ladies have their way with me. Paula impales herself on my hard cock as Jennifer plants her pussy on my face. We all begin to enjoy each other. Paula, riding my cock was the first to orgasm. “OH GAWD DAVID, YOU MAKE ME CUM SO HARD. FUCK ME LIKE THE SLUT I AM FOR YOU,” she says as a huge orgasm ravages her body. She keeps riding my hard cock and it isn’t long before another big orgasm rolls through her. “DAVID, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, SO FUCKIN G MUCH,” she says as her breath begins to leave her.It doesn’t take much longer before Jennifer starts coating my face, tongue, and mouth as she starts cumming over and over into my waiting mouth. “OH DAVID, WE BOTH LOVE YOU. YOU BRING OUT THE BEST IN US. I CAN’T STOP CUMMING WHEN I’M WITH YOU…. OH, FUCK MEEEEEEE,” she says rolling through a huge orgasm. My mouth is trying its best to suck all the orgasmic juice she is expelling as quickly as it can.I reach up to her hips and pull them tighter onto my face. She just rocks back and forth cumming again and again coating my face, mouth, and tongue. Another orgasm rolls through her, “DAVID, DARLING I HOPE YOU KNOW JUST HOW MUCH WE BOTH LOVE YOU,” Jennifer says before she leans forward and collapses into Paula who is still riding my cock.“Ladies, I’m about to cum,” I tell them. As I say that, Paula grabs my hips and begins to really thrust herself onto my cock, hard. I begin to cum into her, “OH FUCK ME PAULA, YOU FEEL SO WONDERFUL. I’M SO LUCKY. I LOVE BOTH OF YOU,” I say as I’m shooting more and more cum into Paula.It takes several minutes before we all settle down from all the hard orgasming. The two girls curl up into me, kissing each other and kissing me. I truly am enjoying all my ladies. As the three of us lay there all sated, I ask, “Ladies, is there any sexual fantasy that we haven’t explored together?”There’s a long pause.Jennifer begins, “David, you know that Paula and I are your willing submissives. It excites us to know that we willingly submit our body to you for you to do as you see fit. However, for me, I would like to be the center of a gang-bang. I’ve never had to take on multiple guys before. I’m not even sure that I can do it, but with you there, I’m sure you would make sure that it would be fun and exciting for me to have to service all the guys you bring to the gang-bang,” she says to me in an excited tone.Paula adds, “That sounds really sexy, but I would also like to have you make me cum so hard that I’m begging you to stop. You always make me cum hard, unbelievably hard, but not so much that I’m begging you to stop. I heard you with Allison twice already, her begging you to stop playing with her as she had cum so many times and so hard, she was begging you to please stop. That’s something that I want to experience,” she says.“Ladies, I’m sure that I can make both of these things happen for you,” I say to them before I kiss each one. We all seem to just snuggle into one another and drift off to sleep.CHAPTER 3Oddly, when I woke up, my two play partners, Jennifer and Paula were still snuggled into me. Although, I don’t know when it happened, but BJ joined us. I was hard as a rock, all three ladies smelled wonderful. I gently worked my way out of the three ladies and got up to go pee. As I was finishing, I decided to take a shower. As I turned on the shower, I felt a pair of hands on me from behind. I turned to find BJ standing there looking at me so innocent and so beautiful. I pulled her to me and kissed her. She was rubbing my hard cock as I kissed her. “David, are you happy with me?” BJ asked.“Of course, I am darling, why do you ask?”“I just wanted to make sure. I think when my friend Danielle arrives today, you’ll push me out of the way to get to her. She’s beautiful, she’s sexy, and she loves to have sex,” BJ tells me.“Darling, I don’t ‘push’ anyone out of the way. You are beautiful, you are sexy, you are wonderful in bed, and you turn me on. What else am I supposed to think about. I love making love to you and I hope you have enjoyed me,” I say to her.“David, you have no idea how much I am enjoying being here, with you, with Jill, with all of your playgroup. Everyone here is so nice, so gentle and so incredibly sexy. I have never imagined anyone who can make me cum so much and so hard, it’s like you have some magic power over me and my body. I just love being intimate with you,” BJ says looking directly into my eyes. “So, tell me then, what is an unexplored fantasy of yours?” I ask.“Having to service every guy at a party. Being the party slut, but I’m not sure if I can do that. It’s out there, I mean I’ve never even had to service more than three guys at a party, although I seem to get serviced here quite a lot. I cum and cum and cum. I can’t believe how much you and the other guys can make me orgasm. David, I really hope you don’t toss me aside, I know that I have strong feelings for you. I’m willing to be whatever you want me to be, your personal slut or plaything. You tell me what to do and I’ll do it,” she says as she leans forward and puts my hard cock into her wet wanton pussy. She pushes back on me hard. I grab her hips and begin to thrust into her with speed and passion. I hear her moaning repeatedly as I’m fucking her little sweet pussy.“OH DAVID, I’M ALREADY CUMMING FOR YOU,” she announces as I feel her body making my cock and balls wet with her pussy juice. I keep up my thrusting into her.“Darling, are you willing to be a submissive to me. To totally give your body to me?” I ask.“ANYTHING you want me to do, if you want me to be a submissive to you then that’s what I’ll do. I’m yours to do with as you want,” she says.“Darling, I’m going to cum in you now. Here I cum,” I say as I shoot rope after rope of cum into my new fourth submissive. I need a new name for this one. She is so beautiful, she seems so innocent, and so willing.As I finish filling her lovely pussy with cum, I pull out of her and direct her to clean all the cum off my cock. She kneels and willingly begins to clean my cock and balls.As she’s deep throating me, Dakota comes into the bathroom. “Damn Daddy, you two are making a whole lot of noise,” She says before stepping into the shower with us.“Want to know a secret my darling?” I ask Dakota.“Daddy, I want to know everything, you know that I love you,” she says.“Meet my newest submissive. I haven’t given her a name yet, but she is also a willing submissive, aren’t you BJ?” I ask.“Oh yes sir, I will do anything you want of me. Just tell me and I will do it, without question,” she says to me. Dakota just smiles. I know what she’s thinking, yep, Daddy got another one.While this shower isn’t as large as the one in my bedroom, it does fit all three of us. I lean into BJ and tell her to make Dakota cum while I watch from outside the shower. BJ gets on her knees and begins licking and sucking Dakota. It is sexy to watch. I am drying myself off slowly watching the erotic show. As they are being attentive to each other, I being to stroke my own cock watching them. I sit on the countertop and lean back against the mirror and stroke myself. I spit on my hand to give me enough lubrication. With one hand, I stroke my long hard shaft, with the other hand I begin playing with my balls. I feel my hips thrusting towards an imaginary woman. I begin to speed up stroking myself. I swirl my thumb around the large bulbous head of my cock. Watching them, hearing Dakota moan is making me edge closer to an orgasm. I keep up my stroking. I see both girls keep taking glances of me masturbating. I spit on my hand some more. I realize that there is a bottle of baby oil just a couple of feet away from me. I open the bottle squirting a large amount on my hand. I go back to massaging my own shaft and balls. Watching them is so very sexy, hearing them is also sexy. Dakota is leaning against the wall of the shower trying to keep standing as BJ is licking and sucking on her womanhood for all its worth. Finally, Dakota reaches that wonderful orgasm. “OH, GAWD DAMN, I’M CUMMING SO HARD. ARE YOU WATCHING ME DADDY? I’M CUMMING JUST FOR YOU!” she says loudly in the shower. “I’m watching you my darling, is she licking and sucking you well enough?” I ask.“Yes, yes, yes. She’s got a talented tongue Daddy,” Dakota says to me. I see BJ smiling now knowing that she is doing a good job.I get up off the countertop, walk into the shower. I turn Dakota around and put my hard cock into her ass. “Here my darling, you can get all of my cock into your anal cavity just for me to cum into. I’m going to make your ass my cum dumpster right now,” I say as I feel myself preparing to orgasm. “OH, GAWD DARLING, I’M CUMMING IN YOUR ASS, DO YOU FEEL ALL OF ME?” I ask as I’m shooting what feels like a gallon of cum into her ass. When my cock finally begins to deflate, I withdraw it from Dakota’s beautiful ass only to see copious amount of cum running down her thighs. I lean into her ear and whisper, “Darling, do you even know how much I love you?” I say to her. Not wanting to leave out my new submissive, I pull her up to her feet and tell her that I love her as well. She hugs me and kisses me hard and passionately. “Darling, later on we’ll play again, you and your submissive sisters,” I say to her.“My submissive sisters?” she asks.“Yes, you have three submissive sisters. We’ll all play later today,” I tell her. Her face shows a look of surprise on it. I kiss her before I step back out of the shower. I hear the water get turned off.I dry myself off and head out of the bathroom back into the bedroom. The two ladies dry themselves off and join me in the bedroom.I put my clothes back on and leave the bedroom. Once dressed, I head back to the kitchen. I find Bobby and Sammy making some breakfast for everyone. Of course, John is sitting at the kitchen table waiting for food. One nice thing was seeing Diane sitting on John’s lap.Fred was standing with Mom at the bar countertop. He was caressing her back, she was purring a bit from his actionsThe two CG boys were sitting on the leather couches in the TV room with the two porn twins sitting on their lap, of course, none of them have clothes on. As I look around, Bobby, Sammy, and me are the only ones with any clothes on.I look at the clock on the microwave and it says 5:38am. I get up and walk around looking for others. Paula, Donna, and Jennifer are all laying on the couches in the living room. They are talking quietly, about what I wasn’t sure. I went over to them and kissed each one. Donna tried to remove my shorts and play with me. I kissed her and told her that I’d be back later, which made her smile her beautiful smile.Belinda was giving Marcus a blowjob. I wasn’t going to interrupt.Diane and John were in the kitchen, with Diane sitting on John’s lap. I wasn’t sure but it appeared as if his cock was in Diane as she was rocking back and forth on his lap.Jill and Sharon were also in the TV room. As Jill saw me, she got up and headed over to me. “Hey, where’s Allison?” I asked.“Working. A couple of her actresses and some guy showed up at the back door and she took them over to the studio,” she told me.I kissed Jill and headed out back to the studio. I knocked. I heard a “Come In”. I twisted the knob and went inside. I found two girls dressed in Catholic school girl uniforms complete with Mary jane shoes, white socks and plaid skirts. Their blouses were already off them. There was a guy wearing what looked like an outfit of that of a ‘Father’ or priest. He was busy fucking each of the student’s mouths with his enormous cock.He pulled out of the one that had her mouth around his cock, and he shot his load all over her face. He says to her, “There my child, you have been blessed with my holy spirit,” I thought to myself, ‘Damn, I thought they stopped this corny ing’ but apparently not.Allison calls for a break. The school girls take a towel and clean themselves up. The priest also cleans his cock off with a towel.Allison comes bouncing over to me with an envelope.“Here sir, here’s my rent,” she tells me.“Darling, I told you that there was no hurry,” I said to her.“David, I’m a person of my word, I wanted to make you believe that I’m a good investment,” she says.“I know you’re a good investment, otherwise you wouldn’t be here,” I say to her.“Bobby and Sammy are making breakfast. Would you like to bring your workers inside and feed them?” I ask.“Um, would that be OK?”“Darling, I wouldn’t have made the offer if it wasn’t,” I tell her.“Uh everyone, if you’re hungry, my landlord is offering everyone breakfast,” She says to the three.All three look at each other and shrug their shoulders saying yes. Allison kisses me. I try to warn them that my house has lots of naked people having sex. Allison assures them that the house is not another porn studio, that’s just how things go in my house. The two Catholic girls smile. The priest really doesn’t show any emotion.Allison turns off the lights and the cameras and we all head over to the main house. I whisper in Allison’s ear that she has a new submissive sister, the new girl BJ. Allison squeals with delight hugging me and kissing me. As the Catholic girls enter the house, John again becomes the dutiful host. I see one of the girls squeeze his big cock. In my head, I already compared the priest to John, John wins hands down.Allison wants to sit outside and dangle her feet in the pool. I tell her to go get some food, which she does and comes back outside. She sits down and puts her feet in the pool water. I do the same thing, thinking how nice and refreshing the pool feels.“David, do you even know how much I love being around you?” She asks.“Um, yeah, I think I do. You know that you are my favorite submissive, right?” I ask.“Yes. You’ve told me that a bunch of times and it makes my heart flutter each time you tell me. I said something to your girl Dakota the other day and I’m not sure how I feel about it now,” she says.“You mean about me getting you pregnant,” I say.“Yes,”I lean over and kiss her hard and passionately, “Darling, whatever you choose to do is fine with me. You initially had told me that you didn’t want children just yet. The you wavered on that, and now it seems as if you are still debating the issue,” I say to her.“Well, as usual you read me perfectly,” she says.“No, having a child is a big life change. There’s no need to prove your love for me by having my baby. When you decide the time is right, then we’ll discuss it. Until then, no worries life will just go on,” I say to her.She smiles and kisses me.“Daddy, how did I get so lucky to have you in my life?” she asks.“Well, if I remember you came with Tulip Productions,” I say smiling at her. She playfully slaps my shoulder before putting her arms around my neck and just hugging me.“David, I love you, more than any man that I’ve ever loved. You make my heart go pitter-patter every time I see you,” she says to me.We kiss. We kiss for quite a while.When we break from the kiss, I urge her to eat. She begins to eat her eggs and toast. I get up, take her hand and lead her inside. I see several people around the porn three chatting. The porn twins apparently know the new three as they are smiling and chatting. I tell Allison that there’s another set of twins inside, Kim and Kay that did a porn with some Rocco guy while they were in college. Apparently, he wants them to do another one, but they are hesitant. I suggest that she go chat with them and see which way the wind blows, so to speak.Allison follows me around the house, much like a puppy dog. Only she wants me to fuck her silly.It dawns on me that it is Monday and we need to assemble to head down to the Hawk. I make an announcement that we need to end the party, for now so many of us can head to work. I see Donna, Paula, Jennifer, Diane, Jill, Dakota, Kim and Kay all head to bathrooms.About that time, I hear a knock at our front door. BJ heads over to the door, opens it and squeals with delight. I must stare at the ebony figure at the door hugging BJ. I could swear that it was Tina. They resemblance is so uncanny. John leans into me and asks,” Is that Tina?”“No, it’s BJ’s friend Danielle, but she sure does look like Tina, doesn’t she?” I ask.“Yep, she sure does,” he agrees.BJ brings her friend right over to me. I think for a moment, wow what a first impression, virtually everyone naked. “David, this is my best friend in the whole world. This is Danielle. She likes to be called Danni. Isn’t she beautiful?” BJ says.“Hello Danni. BJ didn’t do you justice, you are gorgeous. I heard about your loser ex-boyfriend. I hope you will enjoy things here, as you can see by the number of people who are half dressed, including BJ we are casual here. However, we all head to work, which is what all the ladies are getting ready for right now,” I tell her.“What do you do for a living?” I ask.“Well, I got downsized last week. I worked as a receptionist, but the company that I worked for let 15 of us go on Friday and finding out my boyfriend was cheating on me on Saturday made the weekend pretty sucky,” she said to me.“Well, BJ will show you where to get ready, you’re going to join us for work. I have a position just for you,亲子乱子伦xxxxx in in” I tell her. I lean in and kiss her forehead. BJ takes her by the hand, picks up her suitcase and off they head to get ready for work. I head down the hallway to my bedroom. Jill is sitting at her makeup table. I head into the bathroom to shower and get ready.It only takes me a few minutes to shower and shampoo. When I step out, I dry off and head into the bedroom. I notice that my phone was plugged into a charger and that Jill’s phone was at 100%. Don’t want another repeat of needing a phone and none are charged.I’m thinking about the notebook of Bob’s that I was reading and decided to take it to the Hawk with me. I step out of the bedroom and into Dakota’s bedroom. “Hey, let’s just take the cars, no need for a limo,” I tell her. She stands up and comes over to me and kisses me, before she turns and wiggles her cute ass at me.I head back to the bedroom and put on some clean clothes for work. Jill is almost ready, only needs to put on a dress and shoes.Once I’m ready, I grab my cell, my wallet, my keys and about $1000 out of the safe.“Let’s go!” I say.I head to the living room. I pick up the book of Bob’s that I was reading. Mom reminded me that she had furniture coming to the house today and she was going to stay around. I asked Jennifer if I could ride with her. Her face dropped. She told me that she didn’t have a nice car and she would be embarrassed to drive me to work. I asked what kind of car she had. She told me she had a 2007 VW beetle that has 240,000 miles but mechanically it was sound. “Then why don’t you want me to ride in your car,” I ask.“C’mon David, you don’t need to ride around in some old clunker,” she tells me.“But you just said it was mechanically sound, that doesn’t sound like a clunker to me,” I said smiling to her.She just shook her head, clearly, she was embarrassed. I see another car purchase in my future.We’re all assembled. I still request to ride with Jennifer. She finally gives in and walks me out to her car. It’s sort of cute, it’s light blue. She opens the passenger door from inside as the outside handle doesn’t work. I see right away what she’s talking about. The seat I’m supposed to sit in has a big strip of duct tape holding an obvious tear in the seat. I tell her to hold on for a moment and run to catch up with Jill. I ask for a check, which she gives me. I kiss her and head back out to Jennifer.Once back at Jennifer’s car, I get in and tell her to head to work. She reaches over and rolls my window down as her car has no AC. All the other cars head out, Jennifer’s poor old tired VW just motors along. As we near downtown, I ask, “Did you ever think of trading this car in?”“Yeah, way back several years ago. I dated this used car sales guy who kept trying to push me into a different car. He kept telling me that this one was a piece of crap. I looked at some Fords, some Chevys, and even a high mileage Volvo. I couldn’t really afford anything, which was disappointing because I had my eye on a Chevy Impala.I saw a Chevy dealership ahead of me. “Turn in here,” I directed.“OH, C’mon David We’re late for work, we can talk about this at lunch,” she tells me.“Jennifer, please turn in here,” I say with a bit more emphasis. She makes the turn into the dealership. “Hey, we’re just looking, OK?” I ask.“Alright,” she says.We get out of the car. A nice young lady named Naomi comes over to us, hands us her card and says to just yell at her if we need any help. She didn’t want to pester us, but she would be available to answer any questions when we had some.I thought, this was wonderful, let us walk around and make some decisions before we ask questions.Jennifer went right to this gorgeous emerald green impala. It was a LS model. 3.6 Liter engine. The MSRP was $29,250. I asked Naomi to let us take a test drive. Jennifer begins to politely decline. I told her to give Naomi her license. I gave her mine as well. Naomi took them to their security guy who ran them through a machine making a copy. This also made the keys to the car available.Naomi got in the car and pulled it around to where we stood. She got out of the car and asked who was going to do the driving. I pointed to Jennifer. We all got in and after we were all buckled in, she gave the keys to Jennifer. We went about three miles down the road, made a U-turn and headed back to the dealership. Jennifer smiled the whole time.“Um, Naomi we need your best deal, we have to be at work, so we don’t have the time to go back and forth. When we get back to the dealership, talk to your manager, look at Jennifer’s VW that we’ll be trading in, but we want your best offer so we can either buy it or head down the road,” I tell her.When we pull in, I ask Jennifer for her VW keys. She reluctantly gives them to me. I hand them to Naomi, and we head inside the dealership showroom.“You’re not going to try and recruit this one to our playgroup, are you?” Jennifer says.“Probably not, didn’t you see the wedding ring?” I ask.“OH, no I didn’t. Guess that puts an end to that huh?” She says.“Well, maybe, maybe not. But there’s no need to try and recruit her,” I say to Jennifer.I slide over and put my arm around her.“So, how goes it with your locksmith guy?” I ask.“He’s fun. He’s good in bed and he kisses really well,” she tells me.“Well, I’ll take your word for it on the kissing,” I say laughing.“So, you’re telling me you want to try him out in bed then?” she says laughing.“Um, no. I’ll leave that to you. What did he think about all the debauchery going on inside the house?” I ask.“Oh, he loved it. I saw him eyeballing a couple of the ladies, like Amy and Dakota. But he was a real gentleman,” she tells me.“Yeah, who doesn’t eyeball those two,” I say. Jennifer agrees.Naomi comes over with a contract all filled out. I look at the bottom. It said $21,000 out the door price. I pulled out the check that Jill had given me and wrote it up and signed it. I handed it to Naomi and asked when we could drive the Impala off the lot. She assured me the Impala would be ready in less than a half hour.Jennifer and I went out to the VW and retrieved all her personal belongings. Naomi gave us a couple of small plastic bags to move them to the new car. I asked if she really needed all that stuff, she shrugged her shoulders and kept 5 or 6 things and threw everything else away. She came over to me and hugged me tightly. I put my arms around her, kissed her passionately. We were still kissing when Naomi came back into the little office and told us that the new car was ready. She handed Jennifer two sets of keys. Jennifer ran to the new car, I just walked along watching my beautiful Real-estate person get in her new car smiling from ear to ear.I got in, buckled up and off we went to the Hawk. I called Jill letting her know that Jennifer and I were on the way, she told me she had a surprise for me when I get to the Hawk.Jennifer was as happy as a kid on Christmas morning. She was weaving in and out through traffic. When she got to the Hawk, she pulled into the parking garage. She had to go around and around before she found a spot on the 6th floor of the garage.When we were parked, I got out and before I could take more than a couple of steps, Jennifer monkey climbed me, pushing me back against her new car. I just smiled as she molested my face with her kisses.“Jennifer, Jennifer, yes, yes I love you too. But we must head up to go do some work, you can molest me tonight if you want,” I say smiling to an obviously horny and very happy Jennifer.We take the elevator down to the 2nd floor only to take it across to the building and up to the top floor. The security guy said hello to me.When the elevator dinged for the top floor, Jennifer practically leaped off the elevator, running all around to our playgroup taking them by the hand to go see her new car. Jill came over to me and said, “Another new car eh?” “What was I to do? She was driving a 2009 VW with 240,000 miles on it, no AC, and duct tape holding the seats together,” I tell her.“What did you buy her? Hmm, let’s see Dakota and Tina got BMWs, Sharon and I got Mercedes, what did you buy her Rolls Royce?” She said laughing.“No, smarty pants, a 2019 Chevy Impala. Emerald green,” I tell her.“How much was it?” Jill asked.“$21,000 out the door,” I tell her.“Well, at least you’re coming down a little bit. You didn’t bring the sales lady home with you, did you?” She asks smiling her beautiful smile.“Again, no smarty pants. I left her at the dealership,” I tell her.“Hmm, must have been married,” Jill responds.I just shake my head; this woman knows me better than anyone else on the planet.“There’s a gift for you on your desk,” Jill says to me.I walk over to my desk. I see an envelope that has weird markings on it.As I get close to it Jill says, “It came by process server,” just that piece of information made my heart sink. I know that nothing good comes by process server.I pick up the envelope. I see the return address to be Polly Nestor care of an address in the Hamptons. I look all over it, before I decide to open it.I take the legal document out of the envelope and open it to begin reading it:This announcement is to inform all the Board of Directors, David Greene, Jill Morgan-Greene, all Senior Management Vice President level and higher, as well as any notable stock holders that a special meeting of the Board of Directors has been called. This special meeting is to take place Wednesday at 9:00am in the main auditorium of the Jaxson, Inc. corporate office in New York, New York. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the performance of David Green and vote on the removal of Mr. Greene from the position of CEO of Jaxson, Inc. It is also to vote on replacing Mr. Greene with Alicia Nestor. There will also be additional time to discuss and vote on other matters as the board sees fit.Should Mr. Greene fail to appear before this board, it will be the determination of this board that Mr. Greene is resigning and will NOT be compensated any further. In addition, should Mr. Greene be removed from his position, his wife Jill Morgan-Greene will also be removed from her position as Director of Financial Affairs.This special Board of Director’s meeting is being called by Elizabeth Polly Nestor, board member for 15 years.I find the announcement funny as she is quite the bully and she hasn’t realized that she has picked a fight that she won’t win.I dial up Ms. Nestor. “Hello Polly, its David Greene. I just wanted to tell you in person, that both my wife and I will be at the special board of Directors Meeting. We will see you and the Board Wednesday morning at 9am. Be sure to bring all the issues you have against me as I look forward to hearing them.” I say to Polly.“Oh, Mr. Greene, rest assured that I’ll have enough to have you out on your ass and your wife as well. Be sure to have your resume updated as you won’t have a job with us by lunchtime,” She tells me.“Well, I look forward to this performance you’re trying to put on. Gotta go, actual things must be done. Take care Polly, bye, bye, I hang up.I put in a call to my skip-trace friend, “Hey Darling, how goes the skip trace?” I ask.“OH David, do you have a fax machine by you right now?” She asks me.“Yes, here’s the phone number………” I say giving her the fax number.She says that she’s going to fax me the documents of what her investigators came up with. I hear from her in an excited voice, which sounds promising.I call Dakota into my office. I show her the letter. Her response was the same as Jill’s was the other day, “That cunt,” Dakota spews.I hear the fax machine printing page after page. “Darling, we are getting your fax now. Thank you for all you’ve done. I expect that this will be 24 hours turn around visit to NYC. So why don’t we plan on seeing you on Thursday, sound good to you my dear?” I ask.“If it ends with my hands and mouth on you then then it’s a deal,” she says to me.I hang up from my skip-trace gal, but the fax machine is still printing out pages.Finally, I hear the fax machine stop printing. I get up and head to the fax machine. There sits more than 60 pages of information. I pick the whole pile off the machine. I separate the stack into two piles, one pile on Alicia Nestor the other pile on Elizabeth Polly Nestor, funny thing, the Elizabeth Nestor is a much larger pile.I begin to look at Alicia’s pile. Right away I see some things that make me laugh.1. Alicia had the bare minimum LSAT score to get into law school.2. Alicia finished law school with a 2.011 GPA, barely a C average.3. Alicia was fired from Hooters for not taking care of customers.4. Alicia didn’t pay for law school, neither did Mom they bullied the law school into offering her a scholarship.5. At 24 years old, Alicia has already been in bankruptcy twice.6. Alicia has been in multiple relationships, none of them ending well.7. Alicia graduated from high school at 19 barely making the minimum to graduate.8. Alicia’s driver’s license is currently on suspension for too many points. It will remain on suspension for 18 more months, which makes me wonder, how will she get to work?9. Alicia doesn’t have an active voter’s ID card. 10. She lives with her Mom in the Hamptons.11. She went to private school, which only would acknowledge the time she went there, they would not verify what type of student she was.12. None of the professors in law school would say that she was a good law student.I set the stack of papers about Alicia down and picked up the much larger stack of paperwork on Polly.1. Polly has been divorced 6 times, her longest marriage was for 21 months.2. Polly has been in bankruptcy court twice.3. Polly has been arrested three times for DUI, she is currently on probation for her latest DUI.4. Polly has a fico score of 502, with several companies again filing for non-payment5. Polly is currently being challenged by the car finance company for non-payment.6. Polly bullied the private school to give Alicia a free ride, no tuition due.7. Polly’s latest husband, one who she was married to for 11 months is now suing her for him paying the property taxes on her Hampton property.8. Being a board member for 15 years is the longest thing that Polly has accomplished.9. Polly goes out to eat virtually every night, which explains why she doesn’t have very much money.10. Polly tried to have the local electric company pay a portion of the electric bill under their low-income program, which they denied her.11. Polly has 132 credit cards, many of them with past due balances.12. Polly has no savings.Just the quick scan of the paperwork should make things a bit easier. I’m sure that Polly will have lots of my decisions and will want to question them all. I chuckle to myself thinking that it’s easy to arm-chair quarterback decisions.CHAPTER 4The day was mundane. All my ladies worked very hard but there was not much that excited any of us, well except for Jennifer and her new car. She bopped around the office all day, smiling, singing, whistling and just being obnoxiously happy, but we all were happy for her.As we approached 5pm, I called it a day and told everyone to shut off their computer and let’s head home. All the ladies were happy to call it a day. I decided to ride with Jill on the way home. Marcus, Diane, and John all rode with Jennifer.BJ and her friend Danni rode with Jill and me. Jill and I discussed our ‘friend’ Polly. Jill made a point that we should bring Mom along with us, since she is the largest single stockholder and owns just under 50% and with our stock shares, she would be over 51%, clearly a majority.I sat back in my seat and let the porn twins have a nice discussion with Jill via cellphone, that was setup for blue-tooth courtesy of BJ. They discussed what’s going to happen this week as Allison had told them that they are needed in the studio. Jill explained to them that Tuesday night and Wednesday her, me, and Dakota and maybe John will be in NYC. I remember my Tampa and Dallas trip. I pulled up the numbers for the Pinetree in Dallas, some improvement but clearly not enough. I did see that our new promotion, Ms. Burger was doing a wonderful job. Her numbers led all the district managers in Dallas. I sent her a congrats email thanking her for her hard work.I sent our restaurant manager in Tampa an invite to the house in California in a couple of weeks. His making that restaurant into something of his own really impressed me. I decided to lineup his visit with the celebration with all the agents from the FBI, making it a pool party for agents, spouses, and children. I sent Special Agent Fernandez an invite asking how many people should we expect.I again, checked the restaurant in Las Vegas, and true to form, they were still in the top 5% of all the restaurants nationwide.I see our favorite porn store. I ask Jill to pull in, she does. Both BJ and Danni wondered why we were pulling into a porn store.“Um, David, why are we stopping here?” BJ asked.“To buy you a present,” I tell her. She smiles, albeit hesitantly.We get out and go inside. Once again, our boy Dolph is manning the counter and register. “Hey Dolph,” I say as we walk by him towards the backwall.When we get there, BJ gets quiet.“Is there one that you think looks nice?” I ask.She studies them all. She pulls a couple off the hook but crinkles her cute nose at them upon further inspection. Danni pulls a yellow one down, but BJ doesn’t like that one either. Finally, BJ pulls a pale blue collar down. I look at it, it’s a bit wider than others that I have already bought. This one is about three fingers wide and made of a thick leather with cute studs in it. “Are you sure you like this one?” I ask.“Um, yes, I think so,” she says to me.Danni asks if she can have one as well. BJ whispers in her ear what the collar signifies, Danni crinkles her nose and puts the collar back on the hook.“Danni, I’ll be happy to buy you one if you would like one,” I say to her.She says thank you and steps away from the display.I get the sense from BJ that she is having second thoughts.“BJ are you having second thoughts about this?” I ask.“Um, kind of,” she says very hesitantly.“Not to worry my dear, we’ll skip this,” I tell her. We turn around and head towards the exit door.“Sir, where’s Amy?”“With her girlfriend, the little blonde that you keep pissing off. Should I send her over here Dolph?” I tell him.“Um, no,” he says.We get back out to the car and Jill takes us home. BJ doesn’t say much the rest of the drive. I decide that I should just let her think about it. I text each of my submissives that I would like to see them in my bedroom with their collars on precisely at 8pm. I get three reply texts all saying, ‘yes Master’.When we arrive home, I pull BJ aside.“Darling, I absolutely do not want you to think that I’m pressuring you into anything. If this isn’t your thing, no worries. I have three ladies who want to do this, they feel it to be sexually exciting. Everything we do in this house is based on wanting to do it or experience it. Dominance and Submission is for some, certainly not for all. You are beautiful, you are smart, you’re exciting in bed. I only want to enhance your sexual fun. So, do me a favor, think about what you would like to try sexually speaking…what fantasies you may have that we can explore together. Will you do that for me?” I ask of her.“Um, yes I will. I was worried that you would be mad at me for changing my mind,” she says to me.“Darling, this is all about fun and exploring together in a safe way. We have a lady who wants to be the center of a gangbang. We have another lady who wants to be the party slut and must service everyone at the party. We have yet another one who wants me to get her pregnant,” I say to BJ.“Really? Pregnant? WOW, I’ve not even considered wanting kids. Both Danni and I are much too young to have kids,” she says.“What about Diane, she’s about the same age as you and yet she’s pregnant with John’s baby,” I tell her.“Oh, you mean the boy with the donkey-sized dick who can fuck. And man, can that boy fuck,” she says smiling.I lean over and kiss her cute nose. We walk into the house together. Amy comes bounding over to me asking about my day, “Daddy! How was your day? Wait until you see all the new furniture Mom had delivered. We have a big new dining room!” Amy declares.I stop and begin to look around noticing things. Three new couches in the living room, four new end tables, several lamps, a long glass coffee table that has a mermaid sculpted to hold the glass top, which is also etched with a mermaid design. As I go around the corner, I run smack into a 24-seat dining room table and chairs. The table is made of a beautiful pecan wood. All the inserts are put in to the table and thus, extending it to its full length. All of the chairs except two have no arms and have a beautiful cloth seat. The two with arms, the ones at the head and foot of the table complete the set beautifully.We have new barstools at the bar next to the kitchen. We also have a beautiful china cabinet complete with Noritake dishes. I pull open the single drawer on the china cabinet and find a stunning array of silver pieces. Knives, forks, service utensils, butter knives, three different size forks, three different size spoons, two different knives, salad tongs, a carving set. I went from the dining room to the TV room, where we now had a stunning 95” flat screen HDTV along with a Sony sound system setup. Mom had also bought several pairs of remote headsets for those who wanted to watch something on TV and not have the sound bother everyone. There were also 4 new custom couches in the room along with two recliner chairs. Another long beautiful coffee table and several side tables and lamps were spread throughout the room.I looked out the back and saw that we now had three nice rod-iron sets by the pools to have a nice meal at….or maybe a BBQ?I turned back inside and saw three envelopes on the kitchen counter with my name on each. I picked them up and found three money orders from the twins and Belinda to pay rent. I remembered my deal that I would cash them and give them the money back to use for their schooling. I put them in my pocket and decided to just cash them out of the safe tonight and deposit the money orders tomorrow.As I walked to my bedroom, I was in awe of what Mom had done. Just before I knocked on Mom’s door, I heard her saying, “OH, GAWD FRED, DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP…THAT’S IT, OH YEAH, THAT’S IT, RIGHT THERE,” I just smiled and walked away.I went into my bedroom and found new stuff as well. All three of the beds now had new coverings, new pillows, and a couple of new lamps. Just to check, I peeked into the bathroom and of course there were new towels, face clothes and the such.I stripped down and got into a pair of shorts and my usual white tee shirt. I plugged my cell phone in and left my wallet and keys on the dresser.Just as I was walking out of the bedroom, Jill came up to me and kissed me.“What do you think of the touches Mom added to our home?” She asked.“I love them, can we keep Mom?” I asked smiling.“Well, she’s busy at the moment. We need to take her to NYC tomorrow. I had Dakota already have the crew get the plane ready. Paula will have a limo here first thing in the morning and Dakota arranged a limo for us in NYC. We’re booked at the Plaza Hotel taking three suites, one for you and I, one for Dakota and John, separate beds, and one for Mom. Since she has let most of her staff go from her place in the Hamptons, do you think that maybe she should think about selling her Hampton home?” Jill asked.“Well, I don’t really know how much it means to her. It was the home that her and Bob bought together. However, she seems to be someone who is enjoying her life again, Hey, I just had a good idea, Let’s do the Cramer show tomorrow. We can really set Polly on her ear, we’ll announce the horse track deal on his show.” I suggest.Jill loves the idea. I find Dakota and have her call the producer of Mad Money and book me with Jim Cramer for tomorrow. Let’s also have a check for his charity and give it to him after the taping. “Let’s also take John with us. I asked him to assume an assistant’s role to Dakota. Since she’s pregnant it won’t be too long before she’ll be a Mom. I’ll still need an assistant and I think John would be a good choice to temporarily take over Dakota’s role, don’t you think?” I say to Jill.“Yeah, he’s a good choice, a bit surprising, but a good choice none the less. I actually kind of though you might lean towards the new gal BJ,” Jill tells me.“I thought about that, but I already know what I have with John. BJ is still too new, I don’t know if she knows when to give an opinion or not. Plus John has been with us for a while, I trust him,” I say to her.“OK, obviously your call,”“Well, no, I’d like your feedback if you think that I’m making a mistake,” I say to her.“No, I don’t think that you’re making a mistake. I would, however, make sure he knows that he answers to Dakota. If she’s going to train him, she MUST be in charge,” Jill says directly.“Yes, of course, but thank you for reminding me,” I say before I kiss her.“What’s the chefs making to eat? I’m starved,” I ask“Sammy has a real yummy-looking salad that has some feta cheese, grated parmesan, spinach, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet onions, celery, and some yellow and red bell peppers and walnuts. He also made a citrus balsamic dressing as well as his avocado ranch dressing,” Jill tells me.“And what about Bobby?” I ask.“He made beef tips over a bed of egg noodles in a wonderful smelling brown gravy along with several loaves of home-made white bread, although he did make two all grain breads as well,” Jill tells me.“WOW, that sound delicious. Are they ready now?” I ask.“No, they said in about 15 minutes. So, you have enough time to shower or begin packing for New York,” Jill tells me.“Ugg, I’ll pack,” I say.“Hey, did you remember to call Polly?” Jill asks.“Of course, you don’t think that I will not want to respond to her personally do you?” I ask.“No, I guess not. Did your skip-trace friend come through?” “Oh yeah, I think we’ll be paying her bill with an invite to one of our play parties. I hear Bobby and Sammy calling for everyone as dinner is now ready. Jill and I walk hand in hand to the kitchen. We stop to admire our new dining room table, Mom did us righteous.I look around for John. The last place you want to be is behind John in the food line, you just gotta be in front of him. Jill and I are in the line ahead of John. I step out of line and ask John, Diane, and Dakota to join Jill and I at the dinner table.I step back into line, grab a plate and put a bunch of beef tips and noodles along with three slices of nice hot bread with soft butter.Jill only took salad, no beef tips. We sat at the new dining room table. As I was taking my first bite of Bobby’s delicious meal, Mom finally appeared although this time I think Fred rocked her world a bit because she just looked all worn out. Fred, of course, still looked like his stoic self. Although he did smile when we made eye contact.Jill waved Mom and Fred to the dining table after they got their plates of food.I began, “Well, we need to leave well before sunup tomorrow. We’re due in New York on Wednesday but I want to be there before noon, their time. I’m booked on Jim Cramer’s show Mad Money which tapes at 4:15. John, you need to bring two suits as well as anything that Dakota tells you to bring. She’s in charge, you are to pay close attention and learn from her. Do you understand John?” “Yes sir,” he replies.“Diane, John’s going to be spending a lot of time with Dakota, that’s not going to be an issue is it?” I ask.“No Daddy, Dakota and I have already talked about this,” she says.“Good, that’s wonderful. Dakota, I must trust that you won’t make John’s life a hell. He’s got to learn your job before you have our baby,” I say to her.“Of course, Daddy,” she replies.“Mom, Jill and I were kind of kicking around an idea that we want to at least have you think about,” I say nervous as all hell.“Jill and I were wondering what you might think about moving out here and selling your home in the Hamptons,” I say to her.“Well, it’s about time you offered, I was getting tired of waiting for the invite,” Mom scolds me.“Wait, what?” I’m a bit stunned at her answer.“Look Dear, the Hampton house was nice, but it was Bob’s house. I didn’t really like it. I’ve let all my staff go and really have no reason to be there any longer. I’m having more fun in the short time I’ve been here with you and Jill than I have in the last 10 years. I’ve met a trio of nice handsome men that I get to play with. Your play group has taken me in as if I’m everyone’s grandmother, which makes me feel wanted. Plus, there’s no frozen winter to have to deal with out here. My stock broker lives out here as well, and he sounds cute,” she says to me.“Mom, how do you ‘sound cute’?” I ask only to get poked in the ribs by both Jill and Dakota, both of whom giggle.“Mom, this Board Meeting will be bloody if Polly gets her way,” I try to warn her.“Oh, she doesn’t know that she’s bringing a knife to a gun fight,” Mom tells us. That line makes all of us at the table laugh. I see a litany of women walk into the kitchen. The porn twins, Belinda, Allison, Kim and Kay, Paula, Donna, Sharon, and of course Jennifer. I watch Bobby and Sammy, they both have their patter flirting with each lady.I like them both and am very glad that Dakota sourced them out through the culinary school.Fred asked if there was anything that he could do while we were gone. I suggested that he try to help Paula some more on training new drivers. He told ushe would be happy to do so.Dakota said she had Mom’s plane ready to go and the suites were booked at the Plaza and a limo would pick us up and carry us around.CHAPTER 5As we finished dinner, Dakota poked her wrist to remind me that we were fast approaching 8pm. I got up from the dinner table, leaving the dishes on the kitchen counter. I headed to my bedroom to put on a different outfit. I put on long black slacks, a black dress shirt and dress shoes.Dakota also went to her room to change outfits, although I had no idea what to expect from her.I left my phone plugged in charging, I only picked up my keys and put them in my pocket. Dakota came to my bedroom, with the bag of items that we had bought several days earlier.Precisely at 8pm, three ladies all dressed in beautiful attire, all wearing their collars came to my bedroom and knelt down.I walked over to each, lifting their head from looking at the ground. I raised each one up kissed them and moved onto the next one.“Ladies are you sure you want to continue. If you are not sure, now is the time to bow out. However, your safe word is still in play, so don’t fear anything,” I tell them.I get silence. I lead the three of them and Dakota to the Red Door. I unlock it and push it open. Each lady steps through the doorway and into the room. Once all of us were in the room, I shut the door behind us. I saw that made Penny a bit nervous. Dakota leaned into her ear and told her not to worry, that her Master wouldn’t allow any harm to come to her. She seemed to relax when she heard that.“Kneel” I direct.Each of the ladies kneel submissively.I start with Sindee. I take her over to this table that has straps on the far side. I have her bend over the table. Dakota begins to tie her hands to the other side of the table, leaving her standing but bent over the table. I lift her dress and see that she has not worn panties, which makes me smile.Next, I move to Anabelle. I take her to the big X in the center of the room. Dakota fastens her arms and legs to the parts of the X and wraps the ties around her midsection. Finally, I take Penny to this bench. I have her laydown on it facing the ceiling. Dakota again straps the submissive to the object. Penny looks the most vulnerable. She is laying on her back, her legs spread. As she was being tied to the table, Dakota lifted her dress revealing that she also had no panties on.I go back to Sindee. Dakota hands me a cloth flogger. I gently rub the flogger up and down across her pussy. She flinches. I slowly begin to use the flogger on her body. One, two, three, four times the flogger makes the noise of it striking her body. I don’t like that she has a dress on. I unzip the dress and let it fall to the floor. I hear a distinctive change in her breathing. Again, I start with the flogger. One, two, three, four times the flogger strikes her naked torso. I gently rub the handle of the flogger up between her legs. I whisper in her ear asking, “Are you my willing slut?”“Oh yes Master, I am here for you to do with me what you will,” Sindee says.Dakota hands me an anal butt plug, not a large one, but with enough size to ensure that Sindee will know it is there. I hold it out for Dakota to squirt a small amount of lubricant on it, as I don’t want to hurt my submissive. Gently I insert the plug into her gorgeous ass. As it reaches it full depth, I pull it back out and slide it back into her. She is keeping quiet, even though I didn’t request that, it was a nice touch. Dakota hands me a small pair of nipple clamps, I look at them and the position that Sindee is in and decide that I can’t use them as she is bent over this table.Sindee gets four more swats with the flogger. I walk over to Anabelle. Dakota hands me a different flogger, this one has several little plastic tentacles extending from it. I swat Anabelle four times as well, but I don’t strike her as hard knowing that this flogger has a bit more sting to it. After the fourth strike, Dakota hands me a black vibrator. I reach down between Anabelle’s legs and feel how wet she is from the excitement of being a submissive. I gently thrust the entire dildo into her and tell her to hold it and not let it drop from her pussy. She has a look of worry on her face as I see her body rolling through orgasm after orgasm while she is trying her hardest to hold onto the object.From there I move to my favorite. She is on her back, her legs spread, and she has a look of nervousness. I begin rubbing her pussy, occasionally slipping a finger into her womanhood. As I’m doing this, Dakota goes back over to Anabelle and turns the vibrator to a higher speed of vibration. This makes Anabelle really struggle as orgasm after orgasm rolls through her body. I watch her struggle to keep the vibrator in her pussy. I see copious amounts of wetness leaving her body, causing a small puddle on the floor at her feet.I go back to my third submissive, Penny. I insert three fingers into her and begin to thrust them in and out repeatedly. Penny’s breathing begins to change almost immediately. Anabelle begs, “Master, please. I can’t hold this any longer, my body is betraying me. Please Master, I beg of you,” Anabelle says in a desperate tone. I stop playing with Penny and walk over to Anabelle.“Darling are you sure you want me to remove the vibrating object?” I ask.“OH, PLEASE MASTER, PLEASE, I DON’T WANT TO FAIL YOU. PLEASE TAKE IT OUT OF ME,” she begsSince I want this to be a good time for them, I remove the vibrator and walk it over to Sindee and put the vibrator into her pussy, although I turn the item on high. I lean into her and tell her that she may not cum until I instruct her to do so. “Yes Master,” Sindee replies.I go back over to Penny. I reinsert three fingers into her pussy, which is very wet at this point. I go back to thrusting the fingers in and out of her. I add a fourth finger and continue my thrusting. Finally, after several thrusts I insert my thumb into her making my entire hand inside of her. I spread my fingers out as I continue to thrust into her. She is cumming hard, very hard. Her body is squirting wetness that coats my hand and wrist and up my forearm to my elbow.She begins begging as she is cumming so hard that she is almost struggling to even catch her breath.I direct Dakota to go remove the items from Sindee, she does but she takes her time to do so. I continue with my assault on Penny’s pussy with my whole hand. She is cumming so hard that she is almost incoherent. I hear sounds from her mouth, but none of it makes any sense. Since I know that this is purely for fun, I slow down my thrusting and withdraw my hand carefully taking care not to hurt her physically.I wipe my hand off on a towel that is sitting on a table. I glance at the clock on the wall, it tells me that we have been in the Red Door room for two hours. I feel that is enough time as I need to get up early and fly out. “Ladies, did you enjoy your time here with your Master?” I ask.I get three submissives telling me that they enjoyed the entire time. Dakota and I went from Penny, to Anabelle, to Sindee removing their restrictive shackles or ties. As each one was released, I kissed each one and held her in my arms for a couple of minutes. Once all three were released, I told each one that I loved them and we walked, albeit the three submissives were not walking all that easily back into the main part of the house. I stopped each one and removed their collar. I handed the collars to Dakota. All three ladies kissed me and headed to their bedrooms. I went back to the Red Door room and locked it again. I could smell the sex in the room and saw the puddle that Anabelle left at the base of the X. I thought to myself about whom I would ask to clean the room. Dakota was still standing where I had left her. I kissed her and hugged her asking if she enjoyed the event, she did.Since we had an early flight out, I decided to call it a night. Going through the kitchen, I suggested to John that he head to bed as well. He got up, took Diane’s hand and headed to bed. Dakota and I walked down the hallway to our own bedrooms. I kissed Dakota good night and told her to have sweet dreams. I think often about how much my life has changed for the better becoming the chauffeur.IF YOU ENJOYED THIS CHAPTER, PLEASE LEAVE ME A COMMENT AND THANK YOU FOR BEING A FAN……. PABLO DIABLO.