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I parked the car免费看小12萝裸体视频国产
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I parked the car免费看小12萝裸体视频国产

" JIM ITS TIME "myeyes open I realize today was gonna be the day that changed my life I was gonna become the next Harrington to get married I was excited nervous scared but undoubtedly in love." I'll be out in a minute "I looked over my best man and best friend jack was looking at me, my dad and brother standing next to him." jack im happy your here bro I can't tell you how happy you and Megan are out of the hospital and doing good i love you man, dad you've made me the man I am today eventhough the circumstances aren't the greatest her being pregnant and all but I can honestly tell you I was gonna marry her when we're both of legal age "" really "" absolutely I know its weird and cliche but when I first laidmy eyes on her I knew she was gonna be the one "" exactly what happened to me and your mom "" well we better get going "grabbing kc by the hand and jack following behind we walked down the aisle and stood in our respective places two by two couples walked and parted then the wedding music.as it started playing I looked over my shoulder, dad walks out with Julie on his arm, our friends oogle at herBefore I know it she's at the alter, god she looked beautiful she was 5 months pregnant and had the same sized baby bump as she did when we went the shuttle launchWe felt her wearing a wedding dress should be at our vowel renewal because we were a little young and it didn't feel right, but what she wore was still beautiful it was a white button up women's suit jacket with a matching skirt that was two in a half to three inches above her knees that shows off her long tanned and toned legs her blonde hair was did up in a tight bun and her eyes were perfectly lined with eye liner.She smiled ever so sweetly to me. we didn't want a massively long ceremony so the minister said a couple lines and asked us to speak before our vows" Jim I know were young and I know were stupid but the smartest thing we did was become us, from the first time we talked when your leg was busted up to now, every time you speak my heart flutters and my stomach has butterflies, you have absolutely been everything I've ever wanted in a man plus so much more Jim I love you so much and I wouldn't change anything " I was sorta blown away my speech was nothing comparable to hers but I tried to match" Julie when I first met you I knew that you were someone different who liked me for me, you let me see into who you really are and what I saw was a beautiful soul that belonged to an even more beautiful women its hard to think that in a short time from now that you'll be my wife and the mother of my child Julie I love you "We pecked each other and the minister spoke" Do you Julie take Jim to be your lawfully wedded husband " " I do "" Do you Jim take Julieto be your lawfully weeded wife " " I do "" then with the power invested me by the state of Florida I now pronounce you Mr and Mrs Harrington Jim you may now kiss the brideWe kissed and walked down the aisle, we got into a town car and were driven to a banquet hall a mile or two away, as we got out a well placed banner towing plane saying congrats Jim and Julie I pointed up" Julie look "" that's just too much ha ha "" you said it "We walked inside" god Jim this place is beautiful "" I gotta thank mom and pops hahaha "" yeah me too "We turned to see the mob of people we invited coming in the door, the rest of the day was pretty awesome we got tons of gifts and lots of fun after a couple hours, the party had dwindled down and the last people expected to leave.We left shortly after with my parents brother sister and all of my aunts uncles and cousins in tow. They split off and went to the hotel and Julie me mom dad Zoey and Kc were heading home.When we arrived Zoey and Kc said they were gonna go to bed" mom dad I love you guys thank you "" hey hey hey were not done we gotta surprise for you guys "They handed me a Manila envelope, Julie and i opened it, she pulled out a few pieces of paper" you two young kids are now the proud owners of a fully furnished condo "Julies eyes lit up she squeeled" ahhhnoooooo way thank you mom and dad "" thanks mom dad that's awesome I love you "" no problem but there's more reach back in the envelope "I reached back into the envelope and pulled out a check" sa sa sa seventy five thousand dollars ARE YOU KIDDING ME !!! "Julie almost fainted she looked at them " thanks guys "She was tearing up" No problem were gonna go to bed guys night "" night guys " They went off and me and Julie were still standing out side leaning on the car" well Jim I guess we better be goin to bed "" No no no no I got one more surprise I had it delivered during the wedding c'mon "I grabbed her hand I walked around the side of the house " close your eyes baby "" OK but its cold hurry up please "I led her into the garage" Jim what's goin on can I open my eyes not yet "I opened the door and and led her into the car she's told me she wanted since I was flipping through a magazine an 06 Mitsubishi lancer evolution 9 MR was on the page" you can open your eyes now "" oh my god no "She jumped out of the car and ran towards the front" Ahhhh are you fucking kidding me "" nope "" jim thank you thank you thank you ... how? "" well dad has this friend and he owns a high end used car dealership me and pa went there cause I knew with a baby on the way maybe it was the time for the stang to go and I had 10 grand saved up so i was looking at suv's and luxury cars. Then dads friend was walking to his office and I looked over this was sitting there "" Jim you know as well as me this wasn't just sitting there "" OK he bought it at a police auction "" and "" it used to be a drug smugglers car the police tore the interior out, so when I saw it it was pretty gutted, dads friend saw me checking it out told me five grand as is 8500 refurbished, I just happened to asked how much refurbished plus a 130 HP increase he told me 9500 I said sold "" thank you thank you thank you "" there's more "" what "" thank dad he bought it when I said sold dad pulled out fourteen K in cash threw the wad at his friend said make it an extra 175 HP wider tires and adjustable suspension "" why would he do that "" he wanted me to keep the stang and he's a car nut and only gets the best for the family "" what did you do with the extra 10K "" put it in a college fund for you "She came over and pushed me into the car" damn Julie "" thank you Jim "We started kissing, it felt sorta weird we've been together for 2 years or so married for 6 hours and every day I feel like I'm falling in love with her.She pulled away." something wrong baby "" nope just thinking about how much I love you "" how much do you love me "" their is not an amount comparable too how much I doWe sat there for awhile just holding each other " Julie you wanna go test her out "" hell yeah but let's change clothes I'm freezing "" I'm with you there "We went into the house and changed, me of course being the guy was finished changing fairly quickly I shot Julie a text" I'll be in the car out front "" OK love you :-) "" love you too baby :-) "I pulled the car around, this car is mint sounds good runs good everything works the lights are super bright. She walks out and it never seems to fail she's beautiful she's wearing another form fitting black long sleeve shirt with a thick jacket she had tight jeans with winter boots." ready to go baby "" absolutely keys are in the ignition "She climbed in and adjusted everything to her liking she started the car she gingerly let the clutch in till it caught and were off, she pulled ontothe road and gunned it into the night, after a couple of hours of a hundred miles an hour we pulled over on a pretty remote back road." you like it "" absolutely love thank you Jim its the best present ever "" really "She climbed over the center console and straddled me she sexily whispered" really "She wrapped her arms around my head and started kissing me" Jim I love you "" I love you too "She ran her hand down into my pants and gave my dick a squeeze." goddd "" you like that baby "" oh yeahhh "" mmm you want this "" absofuckingloutely "By now we had removed most of our clothes, I had only my boxers and socks and her in her bra and thong." Jim its really cold "" I'll keep you warm "I flipped her over onto her back and kissed her." better? "" better " she whispered breathlessly I laid the chair all the way back, I unclasped her bra and started kissing down her neck, I got down to her collar bone and started suckleing." oh my god Jim that feels incredible "She wrapped her arms around my neck and head and started breathing into my neck and ear, she started moaning priamaly into my ear." Ohh shitt "I reached down and pulled my dick out of the hole in my boxers, slowly I worked my hands down her body, I caressed her ass cheeks before slipping one hand between her legs, with a fluid motion I pulled the patch of fabric to the side of her mound, I rubbed my cock along her slit I dipped my head in.She opened her eyes" Jim I love you so incredibly much "" I love you too baby "I leaned down and gently kissed her, I pulled my dick away from her pussy, I again leaned and kissed her gently she kissed me back we just started making out. I finally came up for air but she didn't wanna stop she bit my lip and reached her arms behind my head and pulled me into her, I held her face with my hands, slowly and methodically she worked her hands down my body, she grabbed my dick with one hand while pushing my ass down with the other." Julie I love you "" I love you too Jim but right now I'm so fucking horny so fuck me unconscious if you have to "With those words I slammed into her" unghh that's it baby "I was pumping into her as fast as humanly possible I'd never gone so fast for so long." holy fuck Jim oh oh "" so fucking tight "I held that pace for as long as I could I had to stop and take a breath" holy hell Jim " between gasps of breath "I started back up but at a much slower pace I angled my body in a fashion that in only a few minutes Julie would blow because I was so close" Jim can you speed it up a little baby "" I'm very very close "" soooo am I baby "I sped up only a few pumps in, her whole body started convulsing, the sight before me was too much to bear, I must of shot fifteen times before I was taped out" I love you so much Jim that was about as close to heaven as want to get " she said dreamily" ready to go home "" yeah "" love you to "I put some clothes on and put the e brake down, Before I pulled on the main road I turned the heat on high, Julie was still naked laying on the seat" Julie where are we "She was getting dressed" if you go down that road it takes you to where my moms buried "I flipped the car around and drove slowly back down the remote road, I know it sounds weird but even at ten thirty at night her moms cemetery was different like it didn't feel oppressive or dreary but almost tranquil peaceful, I parked the car, even weirder is the whole place had lights illuminating the grave sites.Julie got out and I followed her being very quiet till she stopped at one." Julie why'd you bring me here " in my most sincere voice" I always thought when this day came she would be here and be happy,亲子乱子伦xxxxx in in she was my mom... my best friend... my everything all she ever wanted was to see me happy, she never got to "" I'm sorry "" the reason I brought you here was because some how I wanted her to feel that I was happy and that the reason I was happy was you and why we had sex was so if she was watching that I'm married I lost my virginity to the love of my life and the father of my child and that i was at my peak happy ness "I felt I needed to talk to her mom ( I wanna let everybody know Julie went by three last names her moms maiden her fathers and my own )" miss JosephI'm Jim Harrington, from what your daughter told me is that you were a very loving protective woman I wanna let you know that your daughter is the love of my life I would do anything to keep her happy and safe, I'm dissapointed that I never got to meet youbut I assure you I will take care of your daughter.......... I love her... with everything in my heart "Julie came and hugged me she had tears in her eyes, we slowly walked back to the car, I opened her door" nope "" you driving ? "" nope you are "" Julie you gonna lay in the back "" no just get in "I was baffled but just got behind the wheel, I went to close the door, Julie held it open." Julie what are we doing "She put both hands on the roof and swung onto my lap, she closed the door " let's go "I started the car and put it into first," you okay "" I just wanna be as close as possible to you right now "I pulled onto the main road headed towards the highway" you didn't have to do that "" I know but I wanted to "" I love you baby "" I love you to "I pulled onto the highway and shifted into fifth." its gonna be late when we get home "" I know "She wrapped her arms around me and rested her head on my shoulder, within minutes she was sound asleep, I pecked her lips, I whisper" you have no idea how incredibly much I love you "The next hour seemed like a day, it started raining minutes after Julie fell asleep and it was so cold that the rain started forming into ice on the road I whisper to myself" where the fuck are we "I pulled off the highway it was two thirty in the morning and I needed gas, some how I managed to get out of the car holding Julie and place her in the back seat I closed the door and locked the car I walked into the deserted 24 hour gas station the cashier greeted me and went about her business " um can you tell me where I am my wife drove me out here and I honestly have no idea where I am "" your in walterboro south Carolina where ya headed "" north Florida thanks "I went to drain the main vein I walked out and Julie wandered into the store I walked over to her" hey Jim "groggy voiced" hey baby "" where are we. "" walterboro south Carolina why's your mom buried so far away "" when her and my dad divorced she moved close to my aunt and grandparents a few weeks later her accident happened "" OK "I grabbed a few drinks a bag of Doritos and a pack of gum I bought all my Items and filled the tank of the car to the brim, I got in where Julie was waiting, I pulled out of the pumps and stopped short of the road, I rubbed my eyes i was exhausted and judging by her body language so was Julie, I stared across the road there was a holiday inn" Julie you wanna go to sleep and drive home tomorrow or just keep going "" sleep "I drove across the road and got a room, me and Julie trudged into our room ready to collapse" let's get some sleep baby "We stripped nude and climbed into bed" night baby "As my eyes closed my phone rang" are you kidding me hello "" Jim where are you "" hey mom "" where are you "" walterboro south Carolina "" what are you doing there "" Julie took me too her mothers grave "" oh how's she doing " in a much more understanding tone I looked next to me her blonde hair resting along her face" yeah she's OK mom I got a hotel room we will be home tomorrow "" all right honey be safe "" will do mom night "" night "I hung up and snuggled into the spooning positing with her i shut my eyes and fell asleep, I wake up 9 hours later my eyes are still shut all I wanted to do was sleep but my mind knew I had to wake up, as I opened my eyes I saw the outline of Julie my eyes were pretty blurry, I sat up on he edge of the bed and rubbed my eyes, she became much more visible, she was fully nude facing away from me messing with something in her purse, I took the chance to walk up behind her, I wrapped my arms around her midsection and rested my head on her shoulder." morning baby "" hello sleepy head "" did you have a good sleep "" when you wrap arms around me I do "" I'll keep them there till I die "She spun around in my arms and kissed me she sexily whispered" please do "She grabbed my arms and slid them down to her ass, I firmly grabbed each one and lifted her onto the counter, I started frivolously kissing her I was so horny " oh Jim fuck me "I did what she asked I lined my self up and plunged in" I don't think any guy but you can make me this horny all the time ... holy fuck "I gave three more powerful thrusts and she was off on a wild goose chase after her orgasm, she was just grabbing at everything if she could of she would of got a grip on thin air, as she started coming down off of her orgasm I blew my load, as soon as my semen hit her insides she shot to a new high of orgasm, she screamed so fucking loud and dug her fingers into my ass" oh my god ' is all she muster between deep heaving breaths, I picked up her limp body and placed her on the bed and went to take a shower.I stepped into the shower and just stood with my eyes closed recounting the last two two n a half years, I met Julie the love of my life impregnated her got my cheek split by her dead beat drunk of a father went to the last shuttle launch we got married just yesterday met what I could of her deceased mother.It was just a little much, I slid down the wall and sat and just absorbed all of my feelings." Jim "My eyes opend" you OK "" i-i-i honestly don't know its just like every emotion in the past to years flooded up and its just a little much "I looked up at her it never failed her face was one of concern love and sadness" Julie come and sit "She got in and sat next to me, we just sorta leaned on each other.It was one of those times you didn't want to talk just sit there with someone who knew that you were dealing with a lot of stuff and they knew just being there is all you wanted



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